Sunday, February 26, 2006

CowTown Marathon Squared

This post is by the husband; that's right everybody, it's the man coming at you live all the way from Funkytown, TX. Ok, Ok. Now seriously -- I've never been more proud of another person as I was yesterday. Ally had been training for this day for 5 months. Her and Melissa Sigler decided back in October of '05 that they were going to run the Cowtown Half Marathon (13 miles) February 25th. Needless to say, this decision was made months before we learned of the "big news".

All mothers reading this can relate to the feelings of nausea, sickness and constant hunger during the first 3 or 4 months of pregnancy. Now, imagine that miserable feeling combined with a training regimen involving numerous miles weekly leading up to the race and finally - completing a 13 mile trek through the hills of Fort Worth on a drizzling Saturday morning in just a shade over 2 hours. Need I say more? But, of course, I will.

I know a day will come very soon when I will be more proud, but for now, Ally's accomplishment this past Saturday tops the list. She was amazing! I can't keep my body going for 1 short mile, Ally completed 13 grueling miles while pregnant. It was a wonderful feat. Thank you to all our family who endured the miserable weather to make this day so special. I know Ally was encouraged by all of your presence. I can't wait to meet the child she carries and I know that her courage and strength will be passed on to him or her. Congratulations Ally -- I LOVE YOU AND AM SO VERY PROUD!!!


hejlyeah said...

GO ALLY! Congrats girl. You are my new hero! I want to be just like you. Good post Jay - you're so friggin' sweet!

Molls said...

I'm not proud of me but I'm very proud of you my friend!!! We all chickened out...granted we were only running 6.2. We woke up at 530 and stayed up to make sure. We bailed and went to Cracker Barrell at 7:30am. CHICKENS! BUt, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STinking proud of you MAV!

MamaO-Nonna said...

AllyO and Melissa were both AMAZING! Never seen anything like it! We motored all over downtown Ft. Worth catching glimpses of their progress! Man, was I tired?!?
I, too, am VERY proud of both of them, but especially Ally. Since she was running for 2, their time qualifies them for the Boston Marathon.
Congratulations, Ally!
And to Jay.......thanks for bragging on your very special and talented young wife! You're both AWESOME!
Love you!

swatterson said...

Way to go Ally! That's awesome! And you have a sweet hubby too!

Mav_Mom said...

To repeat MamaO - AMAZING! How exciting it was to get to our next stopping point so we could watch for Ally and Melissa. (McDonald's was my favorite stop!)

Ally, Dad and I are so very proud of you and like Jay we can't wait to see your strengths the baby.

Jay – I’m not sure I have read such sweet words – thank you for loving Ally so!!

Nancy Kirk said...

What a great day it was. I was so proud to say Ally was my daughter. She and Melissa did a great job. I keep thinking back on how Ally would moan when Croussen would make her run a 600---or the continuous mile relay. This was too cool for words. I love you Ally, and Jay, once again you show why I am so proud you married my daughter. Thanks for your sweet words. Love you both!!---or should I say all THREE of you. :-)

Anne said...

Dang!You are amazing, Ally! And Jay - real men write such lovely things about their wives! Sorry I missed out on the excitement. Next time let me know so I can at least be sending prayers your way!


campers said...

Ally ~ I am so proud of you! I have always known you were very dedicated and committed! I wish I could have been there to see it! When I think of you running the one thing that comes to mind is you throwing up your orange juice by the Cooper tennis courts! (sorry for the visual) You are amazing and I can't wait to see you this weekend!
Jay ~ This is why I love you! You are an awesome husband, and I love you for loving Ally so much!

Debbie said...

You are an amazaing young woman!!! You are such a blessing to all that know you and we are really lucky to have you in our family!! I am so very proud of you!! You will be an awesome mom----are already!! Bubba Jay, you are an awesome husband and friend to your Ally!!!!!!! What a wonderful partnership you two have.
Great-Aunt-To-Be Debbie :)