Saturday, March 04, 2006


Ally's brother, Coby has been living with us for the past couple of months before he goes back to Florida for his first FULL season as a professional baseball player. This is his last weekend with us, so his girlfriend, Nicole, decided to fly in and spend a few days with him before he heads off.

Now let me define bad luck and bad timing. I have known Coby for around 6 years and have NEVER seen him sick.

Nicole flew in Wednesday night, Coby has been sick the entire time. I don't just mean a small cough and a stomach ache - I'm talking "hasn't been able to eat or drink for two-and-a-half days" sick. We took him to a CareNow clinic tonight and were the last ones to leave the place. He was given a shot of some potent drug that I can't even begin to pronounce and is now sound asleep; I hope for the remainder of the night or we could be making a trip to the ER to get a couple of IV's pumped into his system.

Ally has taken a back seat of sorts to her brother as far as illness goes - LUCKILY she has had a wonderful past day and half. I feel like such a father already and Ally is 7 months away from giving birth. Thanks for the practice, Coby. I feel so bad for him because he has been looking forward to this weekend so much. I guess it will always be remembered but for reasons that he'd rather forget.

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