Friday, March 10, 2006


WHY??? As a teacher, I feel that I ask myself that question many times a day! Why am I a teacher? Why do I invest so much of my heart in these kids? Why do my students have to live such crappy lives? Why do they have parents who care very little about them? Why can I teach a whole lesson and give examples for all types of learning styles, and then still have kids who look at my like I am talking in French? If I am not asking myself why, then one of my third graders is asking it. Why do we always have to write in our journals? Why do I have to pass the TAKS to go to fourth grade? Why do I always get in trouble?
For those of you who have seen me since the beginning of the school year, know that I am having a hard year!! I have a classroom full of DIFFICULT children (to put it nicely)! My girls have horrible attitudes, and they all hate each other!! I can be in a middle of a lesson, and all of the sudden I have two girls hollering at each other because one of them rolled their eyes at the other! ARE YOU KIDDING ME...who cares! If you were looking at ME and listening to ME, then you would have no idea who was looking at you, or rolling their eyes at you.
The whole point to this blog is, I sitting here at my desk (sicker then a dog) wondering why do we have class parties? Even though our Spring Fling party isn't until 2:00, my students are wired and NOT wanting to work. We are trying to complete the graphing project that we have been working on for a little over a week, and after working hard all week, now they don't care and they are making UGLY graphs. Why do I care??? I don't know! Probably because I am tired, sick, pregnant, and a huge perfectionist.
Oh well, enough complaining! I am just VERY ready for Spring Break!!! I don't have any big plans, but I am still ready! I have a track meet tonight and then I am off to Austin to visit Sarah, Luke, and Cooper and to watch the remainder of the High School Boys State Basketball Tournament with Jay. The most exciting news of the blog is that my next doctors appointment is on Tuesday, so I will have a new picture to post. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


campers said...

I am so sorry for all that mess with your kids! I can only say I hope next year is better! I feel you on the looking at each other and rolling the eyes thing!!! My kids do it too and I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!! It drives me crazy! I really think alot of it is cultural!!!! I can't wait to see you next weekend! Have fun this weekend! I love you!

Molls said...

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MIDDLE SCHOOL! I'm sorry you are sick. Me too, but I'm not pregnant sick. I just have green snot lurking! I love you!

Molls said...
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MamaO-Nonna said...

WHY??? Because you DO care about kids! I'm sorry for the stress of every day in a classroom full of unappreciative kids(3rd GRADERS)!
Enjoy your Spring Break, and your friends, and your husband (my son, who, by the way, phoned yesterday to do the "nanny, nanny boo boo" thing from the State Tourney). Give him a big NUDGE for me!
I'll be waiting to hear how the appointment goes, and to see new pictures of our beautiful GRANDbaby!!
Love you all!

Anne said...

Being a "huge perfectionist" takes its toll. I used to be like you in my early years of teaching. Two things help me keep my balance and sanity :)(1) I've learned to pick my battles carefully. Things that could make my classroom unsafe for anyone will not be tolerated.
(2) I can't be all things to all students; I can't reach every kid. Jesus couldn't reach every person when He was here on earth and He's God, for crying out loud! Learning these two things doesn't mean I have become less of a teacher; its helped me be able to say that I haven't lost my love for my kids and they still think I'm one of the coolest teachers they've ever had - and this continues after 32 years of teaching. I hope your weekend will be reviving and full of happy memory-making events.
Much love,

Nancy Kirk said...

You are a loving and caring person THAT is why you care. There are years like the one you are having that almost turn you away, but don't let it because you may be the only Jesus these kids ever see. I know you know what I mean-----hang in there baby. I love you.

nickandshanda said...

Keep your head up girl your a strong woman and you will get through it. As the brothas who work for me say (In their traditional Southern Baptist preching style "If Gawd can bring you to it aaagh, Gawd will bring ya through it aaagh"

Cute pics by the way. Sorry I haven't left comments I just figured out that I had to set up an account to leave comments. So the Sloan family now has an account.

nickandshanda said...

Keep your head up Ally your a strong woman and you'll get through this. As the brothas that work for me would say (In the traditional Southern Baptist preaching style) "If Gawd can bring ya to itagh, Gawd will bring ya thru itagh,"

Sorry I haven't left comments yet I just realized I needed an account to do so. So I started an account.

Mere Ware said...

Hey! I just randomly stumbled across your blog and thought I would say hi! I feel really weird about reading people's blogs without them knowing that I am reading. Anyway...congrats on the baby! Ryan and I are not expecting but we did recently get a dog and I feel as though that is preparing us :) Hope all is well!


Molls said...

i'm in need of an update.

hejlyeah said...

Where are you girl? I need an update too!