Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sooner then Later!

I went to the doctor for my two week update and got some really exciting news!! Camden is going to come sooner than we ten days sooner;) She is still breech and has been the whole time. My doctor and I talked about my options, and I told him my concerns of her coming when Jay was away at a game. He decided to schedule me in for September 25th or 26th. If she is still breech, I will go up for a c-section; if she has turned, he will go ahead and induce me! This way, Jay will for sure be in town and our families can make plans to be here!!

So, it is crunch time...we have a little over five weeks to get everything nailed down. We need to get furniture ordered for the nursery (on the to-do list for this weekend), pre-register, organize a phone tree, get lesson plans set and ready for a long-term sub, get the house ready for the arrival, etc. The list goes on and on! But, the best news is, I have to suffer for two weeks less then planned with this CRAZY heat.


andydawn said...

YEAH!!! I know you are very excited!! It is always good to have a plan set so there is no guessing :) We will both have September babies. I hope at my appt. Monday they tell me good news after my exam. You are in the home stretch now!!!!

campers said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! It's on my calendar!!!! I will be there! So glad you know for sure, and can plan! I wish I could come help you with all your to-do list, but I am drowning at school. Talk to ya soon! I love ya!!!!

Hollie Reese said...

That is so exciting! I am glad Jay will be there. I am due in February and I just know I will either have my baby while Justin is away at a game, or even worse, have it at a game!!! Do you think I could call a time out from the stands?

Have fun these last weeks. Sleep alot! Put us on the email list!!!

swatterson said...

Wow! That's sooooo soon! Awesome. you know my bday is the 29th. you could wait till then. :) j/k

MamaO-Nonna said...

We will be READY whenever the time comes! Personal days have already been scheduled~~!

Love y'all!

Coby & Nicole said...

We just booked our flights and we can't wait to see you!!!