Sunday, August 13, 2006

Under Construction...

This weekend, Nonna and Poppa O came to town to redecorate Camden's nursery. Since we are only eight short weeks away, we figured we'd better get started;) They worked hard, fast, and furious to complete the room this weekend. Jay and I both had to work all weekend, so each time we returned, the nursery looked even better than before we left. It looks so beautiful...I love it more each time I walk into the room. Next step, adding the furniture... Here are a few pictures of the transformation.

Jay and Mike taking off the base board.
Mike and Donna painting.The paint drying...
Mike working on the chair rail.

Jay says that Camden will blend in with the wall;)
Thanks Mike and Donna!! The room is BEAUTIFUL, and we love it. We can't wait to add sweet Camden to it;)


Anne said...

How fun! God bless your in-laws BIG TIME!!! I just remodeled my condo - new paint, carpet and flooring, and I bought new furniture yesterday that will come in at different times for different reasons; that's okay, I'll have a lot to look forward to! I'm glad I'll be able to meet Camden at Coby's wedding - or have I already said that in earlier posts? Anyway, have a good week at work!
Auntie/great auntie Anne

Nancy Kirk said...

The room looks great. Mike and Donna did a great job. Can't wait to see it with the furniture in it. Have a good week. I love you. Mom

MamaO-Nonna said...

It was OUR pleasure...Pop O. and Nonna came, created and went!!
Ally's color schemes are always a-MAZIN'! I enjoyed being able to help it all come together!
I, like Nancy, can hardly wait to see it all, bedding, decor.......
It was great fun to paint and get the room started. Thanks for allowing us to do that for you!!

Love you all!
Nonna & Pop O.

alison camp said...

Donna and Mike are are very blessed! They did an awesome job! It looks great, and I can't wait to see it!

andydawn said...

I love the color of Camden's nursery. That is awesome your in laws came to help!! I know everyone is ready to meet precious Camden. I know I am ready to meet my Mason. The summer heat is getting to me really bad. I have my 36 week appt. soon and hopefully they will tell me I don't have much time left. I will be looking for more pics as you get everything in place in the nursery.

Luke Hejl said...

whoo hoo, looks good! The room gets way more fun with a kid in it!

Sleep up.. it's almost time.


hejlyeah said...

Agreeing with the sleep comment. The room looks awesome!