Monday, October 16, 2006

Daddy's Girl... is the most common phrase when referring to a daughter, any daughter; and it can be used in numerous ways: "Oh, I bet she's daddy's girl." "Look at daddy's little girl." "Yes, she's daddy's girl." I've heard it so many times; but not until 3 weeks ago did I learn the joy of being 'Daddy' of "Daddy's Girl."

Every day is better than the last when you're Daddy. I never realized how amazing it would feel to be Daddy of "Daddy's Girl." If you can't tell, I'm really loving this whole "Daddy thing."

Of all the wonderful people who love my little girl so dearly already, and of all the amazing people who will know her and love her in the future; I'll always be her Daddy. That will never change and is so special to me. Camden is 3 weeks old today; in 3 decades, she'll be 30 years and 3 weeks. Her age will continue to change, but one thing that won't - she'll ALWAYS be "DADDY'S GIRL!"


hejlyeah said...

Jay - you're so sweet! I'm glad you guys are loving parenthood. A year later, we're already pumped about the next year, and the next, and the next ...

So, when the heck can we come visit??? Cooper's gotta meet his new girlfriend!

campers said...

You are so sweet, and that is why I love you! You are a wonderful daddy! She is a very lucky girl!

Nancy Kirk said...

Camden is very lucky to have you as the daddy in Daddy's girl. I love you.

MamaO-Nonna said...

What a WONDERFUL picture! My baby holding HIS baby girl!! And I can see the pride in YOUR face and a BIG smile on hers!
That's definitely one to print for the office and the house and the wallet and the photo album and...
Lovin' it!!!!!!!
Love all of you!

Debbie said...

You are an amazing daddy already!!! And Camden is so, so precious!I know that you will be a wonderful daddy, just like your own daddy was with you!
Looking forward to watching you all grow together,
Aunt Debbie :)

KirkKrew said...

Too cute! Lamar will remind you about having a "Daddy's Girl" when she pukes in your mouth or pees on the floor! That's when it is TRUE love! :) See you Sunday, Jenn

Mav_Mom said...

Jay - what wonderful words from a wonderful Daddy! Camden is very blessed and will no doubt be a Daddy's girl!

Love ya!

PS - Ally - I think Camden might have your eyes not just for Jay but for real! :o)

Gigi2 said...

Jay, I don't know you well, but I know about you through the Kirks. What a wonderful tribute to your daughter. We are looking forward to visiting on Sunday and seeing that little one in person and hope that we can see you as well. I know it's tough being a coach and having to spend all that time away from the family.
Darlene aka Gigi

Anne said...

You need to keep this picture and post for Camden, Jay. What a beautiful piece of writing, and the picture is priceless. I can't wait to see you all at Coby's wedding.


auntcindenton said...

I've got an outfit for Camden that will fit this picture perfectly! Jay, thanks for loving both of our girls so much. We love you, too.