Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh, my...it's been a long time!

I can't believe that it has been so long since my last blog...I am becoming one of those bloggers that I always get mad at. I love reading people's blogs and get upset when they don't update...oops! We have been really busy with baskteball, track, school and a full house. We have a family living with us right now. One of the coaches that Jay coaches with and his family (two boys) have moved in with us. They sold there house and are waiting for the builders to finish their new one. Jay and I decided that if we were ever in this type of situation, that someone would help us out. We had extra bedrooms and extra space, so we decided to share! We are having a lot of fun, but it is CRAZY around the Ocheskey house right now!

Little Camden is getting so big. Here are her stats from her last appointment...
*weight- 14.7 lbs (75%)
*height- 25 1/2 in (90%)
*head- 15 in (10-25%) She is a pin head;)

She has started eating ceral and veggies and LOVES every minute. I think she is going to be a lot like me...LOVES FOOD!! I will post pictures soon. She has also started rolling over. I caught it on video, but I haven't figured out how to post it. I am amazed everyday by how much she discovers in one day. Last night, she was sitting in her Bumbo and figured out how to pull off her socks (both at the same time). Jay and I enjoy sitting back and watching!

Her new favorite thing to do is to "hang" on the back of the couch (with someone holding her up) and look outside. She likes to look at the dogs and all the bright lights. At night, she just sees her reflection, but she still stares at it like it is the most interesting thing in the world! Cheryl took this picture on Sunday...she is watching Snoop and Duece wrestle.


hejlyeah said...

She's so beautiful! We might be in the Metroplex next weekend - wanna go to dinner?

MamaO-Nonna said...

I have the picture of her "hanging out" on my desk! It's beautiful!
She is going to be a curious one.
Thanks for the Blog Entry~!
You haven't been busy at all, yeah right!
Jay's busy days will be winding down soon, and yours will be picking up even more.

Love you all!

andydawn said...

OH how much the grow in just one short week!! I can't believe 5 months has past.....I love watching Mason grow and learn.

Gigi2 said...

What a beautiful baby. I love the picture of her looking out the window. That is priceless! Ally, are you working on that photo album? Funny huh...I know it takes time, but I hope you will.
Come see us, Darlene

annalee said...

hello! i am so glad you posted a update of your beautiful girl! i enjoy reading about your sweet family.

campers said...

Oh This makes me miss her so much....and you of coarse! I can't wait to see y'all this weekend!

Kendra said...

Precious! We need to meet her in person!!!

Lesley said...

Hi Mav! I read all of Laura’s posts and wanted to say hey to some of her friends. I hope to meet your precious Camden! She is BEAUTIFUL! I love that name. That is so insane you ran 26 miles pregnant! Laura was barely pregnant and ran 20 but she thought she would miscarry if she ran the whole thing this weekend so she is just going to be a spectator! It's incredible you ran that far...Way to go! Take care!

Calista said...

She is so cute! How are you doing? Hope things are going good.

Laura said...

Hi precious, thank you for your sweet post. It has been a rollercoaster and I am so glad to finally be able to talk about everything! I love looking at pictures of your little girl! She is so beautiful and you are such a cute Momma! Lots of love and I hope to see you soon!

Charis said...

Ty and I had the privilege of seeing Ally and Camden at Sing Song this weekend. Camden is such a beautiful and curious baby! It was so great to see you guys. We missed you, Jay.

Bogle said...

Hey Ally!
I love reading your blog! I got hooked on it from Shara. Being a mommy looks like so much fun. I am on my way there myself, but love reading about everyone else's experiences. Glad to see that everything is well. Camden is just beautiful!


Kristen said...

Hey girl!!
I found your blog on someone elses. Camden is beautiful!!!
I hope all is well with you! I love reading blogs too. I have one too. Glad I found you.
Kristen Cooper (Trout)