Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Break...Destin, FL

Over Spring Break, Jay, Camden and I headed to Destin, Florida with the Tinkers and the Bishops (coaches from Everman). We all piled into the RV and headed out. It was nice being able to get up and walk around and not have to stop every time one of the kids had to use the potty. Once we were in Florida, we hit the beach, ate lots of delicious food, shopped at the outlets, went to the aquarium, and played around at San Destin Village. It was good to spend time with friends and fun to watch the kids interact with each other. Ethan (Coach Bishop's son) named Camden Sweetie pie. Camden was a good sport, enjoyed the warm puddles at the beach, and had fun with Lila and Ethan...her teeth are coming in, so she was a little fussy a couple of the nights; which is so NOT like her. I realized how spoiled Jay and I have been.

Camden looking out the window as we drive down the highway.

Jay, Coach Bishop and Coach Tinker showing their guns...Jay is really concentrating on the road.

Camden and Jay on the way to the beach...look at her little bikini.

Jay and Camden in the crystal clear water. She wasn't a big fan of the was way too cold! But she liked being out there with her daddy looking around.

Bikini babes...Camden and I liked sitting on the beach, soaking up the rays!

Where's Jay??? Look close...yep, that is him under the hat. The dad's thought it would be funny to completely bury Jay and then ask some random kid to pick up the hat off the beach. When the little kid picked up the hat, Jay jumped out and scared him to death.

Camden decided to catch up on her sleep at the beach. She slept for almost three hours in her you know why she got no tan!

While Camden slept in her stroller, Jay and I enjoyed sitting and catching up on some alone time.

Looking out over the beach.

The Os, Tinkers and Bishops.
Camden looking for the sharks...notice the sign in the background.
Family pic at the aquarium...with the beach in the background.

Coach Tinker talking to Lila the Dolphin...they are such beautiful animals! It was cool to get to see them up close.

Ally and Camden looking for the dolphins...I think that Camden just liked looking at the pretty blue.

Lila the dolphin talking to Jay and Camden...Camden was not too impressed.

All Smiles at the aquarium!
Camden and Jay having their first dance on the Pier at San Destin Village.
Camden and Jay playing on the slide.
Camden decided she was tired of wearing her bow...she tried to take it off, but it got stuck in the process. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't help her. She was a good sport for a while, but eventually got a little aggravated with me.


Nancy Kirk said...

Great pics. Glad I have copies of my own. EVERYONE in Abilene has seen them already. :-) Glad you all were able to get away and have some fun.
Love you guys.

campers said...
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campers said...

Sooo much fun! Camden looks adorable in her bikini! I love the pic with Jay and the coaches showing their muscles.....and you say I am a scary driver?????? so glad y'all had a good time! Love you!

MamaO-Nonna said...

Destin Beach is beatiful! I'm soo glad that you all were able to take a break! I'll have to pay closer attention to RV drivers from now on.......Looks like FUN!
AND...WOW, Camden has some beautiful dark hair. It's getting thick!
Love you all!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

i "will" be a happy woman one day when i look like you after i have had a kid! :) you look ahhhhhhmazing. sheeesh.
and, i am jealous that you went to the beach. when are we going wakeboarding?

Laura said...

I'm glad you had a great trip, how much fun it sounds like yal had! Mav you are such a cute momma! And so tan already, dang girl! Camden is so precious, I can't wait for a little one.

campers said...

did it rain while y'all were there?????? Remember our trip...constant rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mav_Mom said...

How fun! Those pictures remind me of the first time we all went when Randi was 10 months!

I'm sure Camden was the star of the trip!

Hollie Reese said...

She seems like such a good baby! you are so lucky! She is pretty cute also!!!

Charis said...

What a fun trip!! We were driving through Destin on our way to Tampa at the same time yall were there! Too bad we didn't stop to say hello. Ditto Molly's comment... I hope I can get in shape so quickly after our son is born!