Monday, April 30, 2007

7 Months Old and Already Super Smart...

Camden is finally feeling better and we are back on track. I am feeling puney now, but trying to trudge on full steam. On Thursday, Camden turned 7 has been seven months of pure bliss. Here are some things that I love about her...
  • when she wakes up, she lays in bed and talks to herself until we get her
  • when I get her out of bed, she is all smiles
  • they way she says dadadadada...
  • when she gets excited she claps her hands and kicks her feet
  • when she gets tired, she tries to cuddle her face into my neck
  • bathtime is always fun!
  • how determined she is to do things on her own
  • her excitement over toys that she sees every day

My list could go on forever! Who knew how much a baby could change your life and how quickly you are willing to put this little person's needs before your own. I thank God daily for this precious gift!!

Look how smart...only seven months old, and I can type like a pro! Thanks Dad!


campers said...

Not a surprise that she has determination! I miss y'all and want to see y'all again!!!

mamao-nonna said...

GREAT typist! She needs to come to Nonna's office and teach her some tricks! What a sweet little "Daddy's Girl"!
You are ALL such a wonderful family! Love what you do with our precious little GRAND-BABY!!
Love you ALL!

Andrea & Paul said...

I am glad that Camden is feeling better, I hope that you don't have strep now. You guys could just keep passing it back and forth between each other.
Enjoy your precious little 7 month old!

Kristen said...

She is precious! Girls are such a special gift from God. I love that you shared what you LOVE about her!:)

Poefam said...

So cute! I love reading about your sweet girl! I just can't imagine my little guy doing all of those things but know it will be here before I know it! )

Emily said...

Not only does she have looks, she's got the brains too! =).

Hope you guys are doing well.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

i loved getting to see you two yesterday. more than that, i love watching you be a mom! it's so great!!!!!
the lake will be coming around soon!!!!