Saturday, May 12, 2007


Throughout the years, God has blessed my life in many, many ways. He has blessed me with health, love, faith, family, and friends. But, one of the greatest gifts that I have received from the Lord, is the three amazing women that I am lucky enough to call "mom." Each of these women have taught me many things...I have learned how to be a friend, a teacher, a leader, and a mom; but most importantly a woman of God. I hope that Camden sees many of their amazing qualities in me as she gets older! I love each of them more then words can express and glad that Camden has a chance to experience life with the three best Grandmas in the world!

Mom (Mamaw),
How can I even begin to explain what you mean to me? You and I share such a special bond...and not just the fact that we look so much alike;) I have learned a lot from you, but the two things that stick out the most to me is your courage and your ability to forgive. I look up to you in so many ways. You are an amazing woman, teacher, mom and friend.

Cherly (Gram),
Most people are only lucky enough to have one mom, but God was gracious enough to bless me with two. I love you for so many reasons. I love your joy for life, your ability to find ways to make every one's busy schedules some how work, and the love you share for your family. I am thankful that I can call you my mother and my friend.

Donna (Nonna),
I am so lucky to have such an amazing mother-in-law. I am thankful for our relationship and for your role in my life. You always amaze me with your selflessness and your love for your family. Love seems to radiate out of every pore in your body! I will always be grateful for the amazing man you raised, that I am now lucky enough to call my husband. You taught him how to love and how to be a man of God. I love you and am thankful to have you in my life!

Happy Mother's Day to the three most amazing women.
I thank God for each of you daily!
I will love ya'll for always and forever!


campers said...

what a sweet post....I have tears in my eyes! You know I think your family is amazing and I feel like they are my family as well! I agree you are VERY blessed, and I am so thankful that you have shared your moms with me!I have no doubt you are a great mother because of them! Love u!

mamao-nonna said...

Miss Ally O.,
You are OUR precious gift from GOD! From the time Jay was a tiny tot...WE prayed for a beautiful, Christian woman to complete are the answer to those prayers!
WE knew from the beginning, as Jay did, that you were his soul-mate! (Who else would argue with him about hospital names - OR - play "keep OFF the grass"? HA!)
Miss Ally, YOU are the MOST WONDERFUL MOM! Pops and I are truly BLESSED!! Two MORE sweet, beautiful GIRLS in our lives (Camden is the most AMAZING granddaughter)! And, Justin's Ashley, ANOTHER soon to be added!
Our drive home yesterday was spent counting our BLESSINGS and Smelling the SWEET roses! Four PRECIOUS children and two of them having found wonderful additions + GRANDBABY = Lives filled with GREAT blessings of love and laughter!!
Pops and Nonna

Laura said...

You are so sweet Mav! And you are lucky, thank heavens for Mama's! Camden will be able to say all those precious things about you! Love and miss!

Poefam said...

What sweet letters to your 'mammas!' You do have something very rare and special!!! Hope you had a great first mother's day as well!!!

the thorntons said...

What a special tribute to your 3 great Moms!! I know that Camden will be able to write amazing things about you one of these days. She's lucky to have you!!

Mav_Mom said...


Thank you for the wonderful words. I could never take credit for the wonderful lady and mom you have become (Nancy - that is all you!) but I can and do thank God every day for allowing me to be in your life!

Love you loads!