Sunday, August 05, 2007

"Going, Going, Going"

We have been going all summer...I know that is a sorry excuse for my lack of blogging, but I feel I have to squeeze out every last ounce of summertime and family time that I possibly can. We have done so much this summer, with sweet Camden in tow. She is still an amazing baby and growing everyday! She is now 10 months old and constantly on the go. It is usually a fight to get her stop and rest.

We have had several weddings, been to Florida and Branson, got to visit with friends, spent lots of time on the boat, celebrated Jay's birthday and our 3rd wedding anniversary and much more. Camden has experienced many first...she is on the verge of walking. My heart continues to swell with pride daily as she continues to explore and learn new things. It is crazy to think that my little baby's first birthday is just around the corner:(

With summer coming quickly to a close, I realize how thankful I am for this wonderful vacation and all the time we get to spend as a family. Jay is already two weeks into the craziness is just beginning. I am trying to teach Camden how to say "touchdown" to get her ready for the many football games she has ahead of her. We're excited for the upcoming year. I have been moved to 4th grade, so I have been busy trying to switch rooms.

I promise I won't take such a long break from blogging...until next summer! To make it up to my faithful family and friends; here is our summer in pictures! I have SO many pictures that it quite possibly take more then one entry! Enjoy!

Camden and Jay cheering on the Rangers!

Trying bananas for the first time...and

"...not to sure if I like these things"

Enjoying Aunt Thompson's pool!!

I LOVE my Uncle Sam!

Roomies...Alison Fry, Shara and Me. There is no greater gift, then the gift of friendships!

Camden waking up trying to figure out what took me so long to get there!

Camden meets one of my best friends...Abby

Uncle Justin trying to steal a bite of his cake before the wedding!

My sweet Camden at Justin and Ashley's wedding.

Momma and Camden all dressed up!

After almost 7 hours in the carseat, Camden needs a break...we were about 20 minutes away from Branson and getting very ansy.

Finally there...Hello Grandma O!

Camden and sweet Grandma O!

Camden and Jay

Camden LOVED the shows in Branson...she was mesmorized by the bright lights and awesome singing.

Brushing her teeth for the first time!!!

Camden and Jay trying on cowboy hats.

Camden showing off her cute little backside!

Silver Dollar City

Waiting in line to ride the train.

After the long wait...she wasn't too impressed!

Showing off her boat hairdoo

Gram and Camden on the boat.

Camden, me and Superwomen

Jay and Camden on the little train at Six Flags!

Look at my BRAVE little girl! (This was on the way down!)

Camden...where are you!?!?


campers said...

love all those pics! I was so excited when I saw you had posted! I can't wait to see her again....we may have to make a trip up soon!

Kristen said...

I am glad you soaked up summer fun! Love that! :) I can't believe school is around the corner.
Love all the pics! Camden is getting so big!

swatterson said...

looks like a fun summer!
I was looking at pictures from the lake last summer and realized that that was probably the last time I saw you. sadness. can't believe that. next time we're that way we're coming over!

Oh and let me just say that you better not have driven through OKC on your way to branson...'cause I didn't get a phone call!

Poefam said...

She is so darling! Only 2 months from one year...hard to believe! Thanks for posting...I've missed seeing pics! Glad you had a great summer!