Friday, November 23, 2007

Test Results

On Monday (as I told you in an earlier post) we took Camden to Cook Children's Hospital to have some test ran on her kidneys. She had to have a sonogram and x-rays done. They put a little catheter in and filled her bladder up. Then, they took pictures of her kidneys while she used the restroom. She did really good on both test considering the circumstances. The x-rays where a lot harder on her. It hurt her and was extremely overwhelming with all the equipment and three people holding her down so they could get a good shot of her kidneys working. I was so proud of her and how brave she was! All the doctors and nurses loved her and where very complementary. We got the results back Wednesday afternoon and she does have reflux on her left side (just like her thing I wish she wouldn't have gotten from me!) We are scheduled to see a pediatric urologist in early January, but have our fingers crossed that they can get her in sooner. Both doctors are trying to get her in earlier because of the degree of the reflux (4) and because the longer we wait, they more damage that could potentially happen to her kidneys. After we meet with the specialist, we will then discuss surgery options and try to get this taken care of ASAP. Please keep Camden (specifically her little kidneys and for no more bladder infections) and the doctors that will be working on her kidneys in your prayers.
**On a happier note, my sister's results came back negative!!!! She still is having to meet with her specialist to try and figure out why she has been getting so many infections. Please continue to pray for her as well!

I will post pictures tomorrow and let you know how round 2 of the playoffs go for the Bulldogs! (We play at 7 tonight against Wichita Falls High)

Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! We love all of you and are truly blessed to have friends that will lift our family up in prayers!


andydawn said...

OHHH MAV!! We will be praying for Miss Camden and her lil kidneys. I know it was painful to see your lil girl go through that, but you know how much better she will be here shortly.

Rick & Shara said...

Okay, tears in my eyes. I can't stand it that my sweet baby girl has to hurt at all! We will be praying for her and those kidneys. Ally...I am so thankful that she got all of your great qualities (and Jay's)...but also so thankful that she has such a wonderful mommy to take care of her in times like this! We love you guys so much and are here to do any thing that you need!!


the thorntons said...

She is such a tough little cookie! I'm sure she handled those tests and the doctors better than I would've. We're keeping her in our prayers! :)