Friday, March 14, 2008


I have a lot to catch up on, so this post will mostly be pictures (I know you are sad). A couple of weeks ago, we headed to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. We had a BLAST! The weather was perfect...I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

And we're off. You roam around the park looking at all the dinosaur prints. There are a bunch of different trails that lead to different prints.
Lila and Camden by the Long Neck...(sorry it is so dark)
Same thing...
Camden doesn't like dirt on her hands!

Playing in the river.

Playing in the stream. She didn't like how cold the water was, but kept going back for more.
I thought this was a cute picture of her muddy kicks...she didn't like the mud on her shoes.
Dino Valley Hikers!

Playing in the leaves!

Camden looking raggly in the rocks :)

We are sitting in front of one of the dinosaur's prints. They have the prints roped off, but they are still cool to look at!

Camden walking along the river's path.

Jay and the "Big boys" decided to hike to the top peak of the park. Jay is standing in the tree at it's highest point. You can barely make him out (he is wearing a gray t-shirt and is on the right side of the tree.) Look close...I promise he is there!

Check back soon for 17 months update, Spring Break and Easter. We've been busy!!


Rick & Shara said...

aCamden just keeps getting cuter every day! I have really missed you guys alot! We need to find some time to get together soon! Good thing summer isn't too far away! Love you tons!!

annalee said...

i've always wanted to go there... so glad y'all had a GREAT time!

Belinda Shepherd said...

She is SO precious! Only 10 more weeks until Summer! Yay!

andydawn said...

So fun!!! I stay dirty with Mason...he LOVES being DIRTY! I can't keep him clean :( I love her pony tail....SOOO CUTE :) I can't wait to see yall in just a few short months!

mamao-nonna said...

WOW! Is that Miss Camden?!? ALL Grown Up!?! She'll be driving you guys to those places before you know it...HA!
Love you ALL!

*Kendra* said...

Super cute little girl! I love that shirt she is wearing---Cass has it too! We need to meet up at a Ranger game again?!

campers said...

looks like lots of fun...i want to see florida pics next!!! It was so good to see y'all and just sit around and hang out! We love you three!

The Houston's said...

Camden looks like such a big girl! We miss ya'll!!