Sunday, June 28, 2009

Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk

Everyone that knows me well, knows that I love being outside, love physical activity and love being surrounded by family and friends! This November, I will get to put those three things together and be apart of something truly special. I am SO excited to be participating in this year's Breast Cancer 3 Day walk. I will be walking with some of my very favorite people. Over the course of three days we will be walking 60 miles.

I heard about the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk a couple of years ago on the radio. Every year I talked about doing the walk, but never went through with the idea. The thought of having to raise so much money scared me, or I didn't want to miss a district football game, or not having anyone to walk with. But this year...NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

Eleven years ago this month, my grandmother passed away from breast cancer. She was an amazing woman of God, a great mother, wife, grandmother and friend. Her life ended way too soon to this horrible disease. Grannie, was a gentle spirit that always radiated love. It makes me sad to know that some of my younger cousins never got the chance to meet this incredible woman, and at times it scares me that I don't remember as much about our time together as I used to, so I can think of no greater way to honor her life then to dedicate my three day walk to her.

This year more then 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and nearly 40,000 will die from the disease. Everyone of these people has a story to share and it's important to me to help this cause. Every woman deserves a lifetime!

As I mentioned before, I will be walking with some of my favorite people. I am walking with two of my best friends; my mom and stepmom, Terri ( a long time family friend and breast cancer survivor!), and my Aunt Nicole. I am very excited to share this special experience with these ladies. I am sure that we will share lots of laughter and tears over the course of the walk, and also make many new memories.

Before the big event, I must raise $2200 in donations, so I need your help. I know for most of us money is tight, but every little bit helps me get closer to my goal so any donation would be greatly appreciated. No amount is too small! All proceeds go to support breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment. You can donate towards my goal here or by clicking on the 3Day Icon on the right hand side of my blog. When you make a donation, if you would like to donate in memory or in honor of someone, please add there name to the honor roll so that I can recoginize and honor the special people in your life too!
If you are unable to support me with a financial donation, please remember me and my team in your prayers. Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Mav_Mom said...

Thank you for the beautiful words - she was amazing and would be so proud and thankful for you walking in her memory!

Love you and can't wait to make this journey with you!

mamao-nonna said...

You ladies are doing such a GREAT service to MANY precious ladies who have taken a very hard walk in their lives!
I'm proud of ALL of you!

And...I will enjoy being the anchor at home with your precious "little" ladies and watching Jay coach that district game!

May the Lord Bless your efforts!
Love you!

annalee said...

such a wonderful reason to walk!

lissa said...

It's so great, and I can't wait to get in shape with you for it :-)

Love ya