Thursday, July 01, 2010

Summer Time Fun 3: Braelynn Turns 1!

At the end of May, our sweet baby girl turned one.  We decided to have her party the same weekend as the wedding since so much family would already be in town.  I still haven't decided if that was the best idea or not, I felt like I was running around with my head cut off, but it turned out good anyhow.  Poor Braelynn was super sick, but was still a little trooper.

The theme of the party was rubber ducks.  It was a lot of fun to put together.   We had it at a local park.  It was HOT, WINDY, but I think everyone still enjoyed themselves.  Each time we have a party for one of the girls, I am humbled by how loved they truly are!

The adorable cake that my Aunt Nicole made.  She is amazing!!

Papi helping Braelynn dig into her cake.  She LOVED it!  I thought for sure she would end up puking, but she was fine.

Wondering why her mean momma took the delicious cake away.

Cute little icing beard...

Our sweet little birthday girl!


Poefam said...

What a darling party idea!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE that she is ONE!!!! She is precious!...And, YAYYYYY on the little boy! I can't wait for you to expeience the love a baby boy has for his momma! You're going to be BLOWN away! My little man melts my heart EVERY day!!! Anyway, love to you...can't wait to see his face...and get Crayton (such a cool name) together to play with Nash SOOON!!!! Love to you!

mamao-nonna said...

I thought that her party was PERFECT! Especially, since Pops and I were able to see it LIVE!
What Precious MEMORIES!
Love you!

The Houston's said...

She is so adorable!!! Miss you guys!!