Saturday, February 12, 2011

Joy of Love: Catch Up Time...

...Man...I was doing so good.  The end of the week was crazy around our house.  I have three words that are world is revolving around currently... TRACK, SOFTBALL & and the worst one...TAKS!  Ugh.

{Day 10: Their My Favorite Space}

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ice cream and frozen yogurt.  I always feel like I am being so much healthier when I eat the fat free frozen yogurt, but then I add all these delicious toppings...!

{Day 11: Dreams}

Sweet Dreams...

Both of my babies LOVE their beds.  The other night we were working in Braelynn's room, and they were both super sleepy.  Jay laid them both in the Brae's bed.  These two are going to be the BEST of friends when they grow up.

{Day 12: Eyes}

Love these beautiful eyes!

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mamao-nonna said...

They are GORGEOUS! And... they melt your heart!!