Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 8

 {Day 8: Gifts From the Heart...}

One thing Jay has "given" to our family is a beautiful house that we have for our sweet family.

Three amazing blessings...

But one thing I LOVE the most that Jay does or "gives" is the chance to learn and explore.  When Jay and I were dating, we were driving back to Abilene from Denver City (one of the many trips through West Texas), and I told him that I had always wanted to swing on one of the hoses of an irrigation machine.  So, without hesitation, he pulled over at one of the hundreds of cotton fields that lines the roads of West Texas, walked me over to the irrigation system, and said, "Have at it!"  My heart swelled with love...he didn't make fun of me, look at me like I was crazy, or dismiss it as a stupid thought, he let me explore and enjoy!  We have done many things like this over the years...So, it was NO surprise to me when he pulled over in a cotton field a couple of weeks ago to let our girls and one of our friend's son out to walk around a cotton field and pick cotton simply because the kidos were intrigued by the "white stuff" along the road.


mamao-nonna said...
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mamao-nonna said...

Your "O" Family makes a GREAT city family, but you also would fit as a small-town family too! The two of you have allowed these kiddos to learn and grow wherever you may roam!!
Great Pictures!! GREAT STORY!!

B said...

One of the things I love the most about you two is just how much you love your babies and you never seem too busy to play. I'm sure you get exhausted, but you guys just keep on truckin'!

I so admire that. <3