Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Uncle Coby is on the Move!!!

I thought I needed to pay a short tribute to Camden's Uncle Coby. As most of you know, Coby is pitching in the Washington Nationals' minor league organization. He has been tearing it up this spring down in Florida and has been waiting patiently (sort of) to get moved up! What can I say...he is kind of a big deal;) (His last name is Mavroulis, what do you expect.) Well, the call came yesterday, and he is on his way to Savannah, Georgia. He will be pitching for the Savannah Sand Gnats! I know that he is very excited to be getting a chance to move up and pitch at the next level. We are all very excited and excited to get to make the trip out to Savannah to watch him pitch. This is a BIG deal for our family, because we have never seen him pitch (he was an outfielder in high school and a first baseman in college.) Keep up the great job Uncle Cob, and keep blowing it by them!


campers said...

yeah!!! So excited for him! See ya soon....only two more days!!!

MamaO-Nonna said...

We are SOO excited for Coby too! The O's will be keeping up with him on the Web! I hope that you enjoy your trip to Savannah!!

Go Coby, you Sand Gnat!!

Uncle Jay said...
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Uncle Jay said...

This is Uncle Jay! I am so happy for you both! I love the name you picked out! Great blog, I am glad you took it over Ally, Jay was not doing very well with it! hahahahaha! JM

Molls said...

oh Mav you have NO IDEA how excited I am for the LAKE! Thank you Jesus! :) I'm ready any day after this weekend. No really!
My car isn't totalled thank the Lord!

EDS said...

Mav...I am so excited about your new addition to the fam. It is the most amazing thing in all the world. I have been dying to know if you were having a boy or girl, so I'm glad I found your blog.
Is Jay beside himself at the thought of a baby girl? Are you staying home or are you going to continue teaching/coaching? Are you not totally amazed when you feel her move? Are you nervous about labor? Do you wonder what her personality will be? Obviously, I have tons of questions and would love to catch up!!!!!
We are loving Hampton (who joined us 3 weeks early) more and more everyday and can't wait to hear about your new life as parents when the time comes.

Ben will be so excited for Coby.

andydawn said...

That is so AWESOME!!! I know it is something he has always wanted. I can't wait to see him on the big screen in the big league. I thought I would try this blogging thing since I have a little more free time in the summer.