Friday, July 21, 2006

30 weeks

Jay and I are very glad to be back home. We had a blast on vacation, but is hard to be gone from home for so long. We have spent yesterday catching up on sleep and doing chores around the house. Jay starts football on Monday, so we are trying to cram as much as possible in these last couple of days. We are cleaning the house from top to bottom, and getting started on the nursery...better late then never!! We still aren't 100% sure how we are going to decorate it, but are pretty sure that it will be done in bright colors (pinks, yellows, and greens.) Here is a picture of me at 30 weeks. I gained ten pounds on vacations;( and continue to get bigger daily. I am feeling pretty well, only suffering from bad heart burn during the night! I am well past my "goal weight" for my pregnancy, but it will all be worth it as soon as I see Sweet Camden!


hejlyeah said...

Hey y'all! Glad you're back, and safe in Texas! Can't wait to see Camden here in a couple of months!

campers said...

Thank you for posting pics of your is so good to see coby, even if it is in pics....he looks happy! Looks like both trips were tons of fun! I can't wait to see you soon! Love you!

swatterson said...

wow sounds like you guys had fun on your trip! it's so great that you two get to have some much time off at the same time. and it's good to get that big vacation in before the baby. it's won't be so easy next summer!

love the belly!

andydawn said...

love your belly too!! At times I feel like Mason is trying to jump out of my belly. I just don't know if it can stretch any more than it has, but I stranger things have happened. Can't wait to see you.

MamaO-Nonna said...

You look MAH-ve-lous, Darling!!!
I told your mom, Nancy, that starting school is ONLY exciting because it gets us closer to Miss Camden Jaye's arrival!!
I can hardly wait!!

Love you all!

Uncle Jay said...

Ok, so Jay hurt his butt? Well, does that make him "jaybutt the hurt" let me specify for you non star wars folks "jabba the hut" hahahaha! Ally, you are lookn great! Little Jaye is growing just fine! Thanks for the info about the trip to Branson. Loved the pictures. Oh tell Jay there is a saying that goes with his hurt tushee, Doctor Doctor it hurts when I do this, doctor replies, well don't do that!!!!!!

Uncle Jay said...
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EDS said...

Oh girl...I flew past my "goal weight" without looking back. It first I hardly gained anything and then all of a sudden I blew up like a balloon!
But...less than 3 months after delivery I'm within 5 lbs. of my prepreg weight. And I haven't even been working at it very hard.
See you soon!