Friday, July 21, 2006

Georgia and North Carolina

There was so much that I wanted to say, and so many pictures that I wanted to post, that it took me three entries to include everything! I posted the trips in the order that we went, but it posted them backwards...scroll down and read "I'mmmmm Baaaack" first. It will make a little bit better since!

Jay, my mom, my dad, Sam, and I went to Savannah Georgia and Kannapolis, NC to watch Coby pitch for the Sandgnats. We were able to see him pitch three different times while we were there. The first outing, he didn't do so well, but his next two he did AWESOME! It was so much fun getting to watch hime pitch...something that none of us have ever seen. We would hang out during the day, go to the games at night, and then out to eat with Coby after the game. It was so good to see him...we have all missed him terribly. Here are some picture from the trip.

A picture of the family at Chili's. It was our last night to spend with Coby.

This is one of the streets in Savannah. It was beautiful how the trees hung over the streets!!

Coby signing autographs after one of his games. It is so funny to see the kids line up and wait for the players to come out and sign autograhs.

The radar detector after one of Coby's pitches!

Coby on the mound!

Jay and I at the Crab shack. It was such a neat place to eat. There were tons of live aligators in a pond when you first walked up. When ever you threw food into the pond, all of the aligators would attack the food. It was very creepy!

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