Friday, July 21, 2006

I'mmmmm Baaack!

Hey...long news! I know, I know! Jay and I have been on vacation for almost five straight weeks...CRAZY!! It all started with our trip to lake Travis to hang out with some of our ACU friends. As always, we had tons of fun! Then we came home for four days, and our BIG vacation started.

First stop, Branson with the Ocheskey family. We were in Branson for two weeks. The first week, it was Jay's family and his grandmother on his Dad's side. We had a lot of fun. We cooked out a lot, went to Silver Dollar City, went to the Magnificent 7 show, and played around on the lake. We had a lot of fun spending time with Grandma O...she is always such a fun person to hang around with!!

Grandma O left on Friday, and on Saturday his Mom's side of the family started showing up. We went from 7 people to 29 people. Again, the fun started immediatly! There was TONS of eating, cards, Silver Dollar City, LAKE, LAKE, LAKE, fireworks, The Dixie Stampede, and a lot of visiting! There were four condo units full of family. It was so good to spend time with everyone! During the day, we would hang out at the lake or the pool, and then at night head into town for a show, shopping, movie, etc. Getting all 29 people somewhere on time was probably the greatest challenge of all, but in the end, it always worked out!

Here are some pictures of Jay on the lake. The first picture is of Jay, Ryan, and Geoff on the tube. They were playing around on the tube, seeing who could be the wildest on the tube. The next picture is of Jay jumping on the wakeboard. Even though I couldn't do any wakeboarding this year, I had a lot of fun watching Jay and his family boarding. Jay spent the last couple of days trying to land his front flip. He ended up with the biggest bruise on his butt that I have ever seen. It brought tears to my eyes everytime I saw it...I have pictures, but of course he wouldn't let me post them;)

On Saturday, after two weeks in Branson, we loaded up all the cars and headed back to Texas. We decided to follow Jay's uncle Mike through Arkansas, and ended up taking several "detours," (we were actually a little lost) but we finally made it home. Jay and I were home long enough to sleep, eat, repack, and then head out again the next morning.

Next stop, Savannah, Georgia.

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