Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Last Weekly Update!

Well...this will be my last weekly update before sweet Miss Camden arrives!! I am trying to act sad, but it is REALLY hard! I went in today and everything looked good. I actually got complemented for my weight gain over the last three weeks (three pounds). That was definitely the first time I have been complemented on weight throughout this pregnancy;) I still haven't dilated past 1 finger tip, so Dr. Neal is going to check me into the hospital Monday night and do a procedure that will get my dilation started for Tuesday morning. The only bad news is that he has asked that I stay home until the baby comes. I fainted this morning and he said that was a sign of fatigue and that he would really like for me to stay home and rest until the baby gets here. Why is this bad news??? Well, this is three more days that I will get docked for and I didn't get to tell my class goodbye. I have some anxiety about letting someone else teach my kids for eight is my name that will go on the TAKS scores. I also feel that my kids are getting screwed out of some fun activities that I usually do with certain units, because I can't leave plans descriptive enough for each "fun" activity that I want done. Jay took Monday-Wednesday off, so we are going to spend all day Monday together. We are going to go eat somewhere nice and spend the day enjoying being alone for the last time. These past two years have been AMAZING...he is such a wonderful husband, so I am a little sad that it will no longer just be the two of us. Selfishly I don't want to have to share him;) But, on the other hand, I am thrilled to start the next phase of our lives together. He is going to be such a wonderful daddy, and I know I will fall even more deeply in love when I see him interacting with Camden.

This past weekend, we had two showers; one from the church and one at school on Monday. We are so grateful to all of our friends and family that have shared in this special time. We have received so many wonderful gifts...we are now ready for her to arrive! We are doing last minutes touch ups to the nursery, so as soon as we are finished (probably Sunday nught), I will post the final pictures of the room. We have been busy putting everything together...the swing, exerciser, bouncer, etc. It gets more and more real with each thing we do.

Only 5 more days!!!


AuntC said...

Ally & Jay
Thank for being part of family weekend last weekend...

You guys will be awesome parents when the time arrives. All you need to know is that one, two or all of you is/are always welcome at the "MANSHACK"...

And, when you need alone, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Jimmy are there to enterain Camden and introduce her to NFL, Florida State and Central Arkansas sports!!

We love you

campers said...

Ok I am sitting here crying at my desk, and my kids will be here any minute!!! Why am I crying....I don't know! I am so excited for y'all and what is about to happen in your life! I can't wait to see you and her! I know she will be precious! You and Jay will be wonderful parents! I am so glad you are getting to stay home....You deserve a break from school and from those LESSON PLANS!!!! I love you...see ya Tuesday!

Poefam said...

Oh Mavy! I am SO excited for you! I know that you're ready and that you are going to be a great mommy! Everyone says that as soon as you meet that sweet baby, you could never have imagined your life without her! So fuN! I can't wait to meet her! Take care of yourself! You'll be in my prayers!

MamaO-Nonna said...

WOW! The love that you two have will only be magnified through Camden's life!
Mike and I are not only looking forward to Tuesday, but anxious for the rest of our lives,
to be the BEST Nonna and Pops we can be for Miss Camden (and any others that may follow later)!
Thanks for keeping us posted throughout the entire's almost like we have been there with you EVERY BIG DAY!

Enjoy your rest time! Don't sweat the small's all small stuff...LIFE is BIG!
My camera is charged and READY!!!!!
Love you all!

andydawn said...

I can't wait to see lil miss Camden. I know she will be beautiful. Call me and let me know when she makes her arrival :)

Mav_Mom said...

I must remind Aunt Carolyn that she will have to check with Big Poppy and Gram before Camden is allowed to watch any non-Texas football! :o)