Thursday, September 21, 2006


I tried to get these pictures to post last night, but they wouldn' things are a little out of order:) Anyhow, these are pictures from the last couple of days.

We put out the baby monitors...things are so real when you see baby stuff around the house. Jay and I had lots of fun playing on the monitors.
Here is Brittney and I showing off our HUGE bellies...of course mine is bigger. She is having a c-section on Thursday morning, so our babies will only be a couple of days apart;)
Here is the Duck "Cupcake" cake that one of my teammates at school made for the shower...isn't it so cute! It tasted amazing also!

Here is a picture of me opening presents at my school thing for sure; Camden will be the BEST dressed little girl in all the Metroplex.

Here is a picture of me, the hostesses and the table at my church shower. The ladies at our church always do such an amazing job hosting showers. I am so thankful for all the family and friends that showed up! (I tried to hide behind the didn't quite work)

Here is a picture of my mom and her sisters and her sister-in-law. It was so special to have them all here, because we live all over the country. There was a lot of laughing and tears shared over the weekend. Camden is so lucky to come into a family that shares so much unconditional love!! Thank you Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Anne, and Bobbie for coming to Mansfield to celebrate with Jay and I! We love you guys!!


campers said...

I am so glad Anne was able to come in...I can't wait to see everyone!

Calista said...

Congrats on having a girl. They are so much fun. How are you doing? Email me and give me your number so we can catch up. I love the shower pics and you look great, so much better than I did at 9 months! Calista