Monday, October 30, 2006

Our Little Pumpkin Wishes You a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Over the weekend, Cheryl (Gram), Randi and I took Camden to a pumpkin patch to take pictures. She was such a good sport! I couldn't find a costume small enough, but I was able to find this jack-o-latern onesie. Not only is today Camden's first Halloween, but she is also already five weeks old. I pray nightly that I don't take a single day for granted, because she changes daily. I am still amazed how this little gift from God can make such a HUGE impact on my life! She is such a joy! I am so thankful for the "Sweet Treat" that God has provided me.


Gigi2 said...

What a sweet little pumpkin!! I know you are having fun with her.
God Bless you!

Laura said...

I love that little baby Camden and the pictures you sent me! I can't wait to see you again Mav! Lots of love and give that baby girl kisses!

campers said...

ahhhh so cute! It was so good to see y'all and spend a little time together! Can't wait until the next time!

MamaO-Nonna said...

That's the most BEAUTIFUL pumpkin I've ever seen! She has changed in the two short weeks that I have been away!
Thanks for the update!
Love you all!

Nancy Kirk said...

What a cute little jack-o-lantern. Can't wait to see you soon.

swatterson said...

How cute is she!!!!?

I can't believe she's already 5 weeks old and I haven't even seen her yet!

Nick said...

Pretty cute Ally...see you thanksgiving.

our blog is back up

Lady Jay said...

Hey Mr.and Mrs.Ochesky how are y'all today oh an make it a good game tonight coach,oh an how is my baby Camden doing I will come by there an see her ok an coach ochesky go to an then type in brownsugabowen@yahoo.comor sweet brown suga which ever one works ok 2 see your pic alright an make sure that you send me a pic of camden to my email ok Bye!!!!!!

Lady Jay said...

Coach Ocheskey Lady Jay is Jatarica ok!!!!