Tuesday, November 14, 2006

7 Weeks of Joy!

Little Miss Camden is 7 weeks today. These last seven weeks have been pure bliss! Camden is such a sweet and easy baby. I look forward to each day, because she feels each day full of joy! Here are a few pictures from last weekend when Nonna, Pops, and Shannen were here. Look how big Cam already is. Her little neck is already so strong...and look at her precious smile...see what I mean about filling our lives with joy! I will post more tonight when Jay gets home...it is hard to type one handed;0)


MamaO-Nonna said...

I have her BEAUTIFUL smile on my desk in a frame & as the background on my computer at school, and a couple at home too!
She just lights up the room and MY day ALWAYS!
We enjoyed every precious minute of the weekend!
I'll be thinking and praying for BOTH of you tomorrow! God will be with Camden and YOU too!
Love you ALL & see you again SOON!

Nancyk said...

What a beauty. I can't wait to see her again.
Love you.

andydawn said...

She just gets more precious by the day!!!I understand what you mean by typing one handed and can't wait to meet your lil joy. It was great to talk the other day....call anytime.

The Houston's said...

She's adorable!! I am so happy to hear that ya'll are doing well.

Gigi2 said...

Wow, she has changed so much. She's beginning to look like you and your mom.....maybe?
She's a beauty!

campers said...

ahhhh I can't wait to see her this weekend!! She has changed in the short time since I saw her! I prayed for you this morning! Call me if you need a shoulder! I love you!!!!

Poefam said...

She has grown SOO much! And is even more precious than before!

Emily said...

Mav -

I stumbled upon your blog from Heidi's. Your little girl is such a doll. I hope things are good and keep in touch.