Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thirteen Thursday!

Several of the blogs that I read (I know I am a blod stalker) do something called Thirteen Thursday. Every Thursday they make a list of thirteen things that relate to a topic of their choice. I really enjoy reading these posts because I can always tell what is on their hearts or minds...and I always learn new things about that person. Some of the topics are funny, some are sad, some are serious, and some are just random thoughts . Since Wednesday was my first day back to school, my topic is Camden and the things that I miss...

Thirteen Things I Miss About Camden During the Day...

  1. Her big, bright eyes looking at me. When she is looking directly into my eyes, I feel like she is looking into my heart and soul. When she smiles, I know that she has found the little spot where my love is bubbling over!
  2. Her sweet, little lips. Like her daddy, she has the most perfect lips...I keep telling her that she couldn't have a better little kisser.
  3. How she falls asleep on my chest after she has eaten and curls into a tight little ball.
  4. The peacefulness of her breathing while she sleeps.
  5. Her big grins and sweet sounds that she is starting to make...she is starting to find her voice, and it is funny to sit there and watch her try figure out how she just made that sound that excaped her body.
  6. Her perfect 10 little toes and 10 little fingers.
  7. Her little fat rolls on the inside of her thighs...I have the same rolls, but mine aren't so cute!
  8. The way her face lights up when I go and get her out of her is a look that says, "Hi mom...I knew that you would come!"
  9. Her little toots...(she gets this from her daddy also...his aren't so cute!!)
  10. The baby smell that only infants have!!
  11. The way she holds tightly to my finger when she is eats.
  12. The way that her little face lights up at the end of the day when her Daddy walks in and calls out, "Camden Jaye!"...and then the look of contentment when he comes and gets her...she just sits there a stares into his eyes.
  13. The feeling that only a parent can feel, when you are staring at your sleeping baby, and knowing that there is no greater blessing then the one that God has just given to you!!


andydawn said...

Ditto!! Just reading your 13 made me think of my lil guy and the things I love about him....every little inch of him. There is nothing sweeter :) I hope your days go by fast so you can see your sweet Camden

campers said...

ahhh, she is so lucky to have such a wonderful momma and daddy! I have learned so much from you in your short time as motherhood! Love you, see you soon!

MamaO-Nonna said...

I absolutely LOVE the way you LOVE my son and my sweet GRANDBABY! You are a precious little momma and wife! Thank Heaven for Little Girls that grow up to be the Blessing that you asked for all of those years!
Love you all!

KirkKrew said...

So sweet!! I can't believe how much she has changed since we saw her last. I hope we can see all of you again soon!!

andydawn said...

Mav, come any time!! I am ready to meet miss Camden too!! We have a place for both of you. Mason can finally meet his girfriend :)

Laura said...

Mav she is precious and I love her sweet little face! You are such a cute Momma! I can't wait to see yal again and hold that little bundle of joy! Miss you! Lots of love always!

Anne said...

You have a real way with words. Your post is very poignant.
One reason I'm sad about the change in wedding plans is that I won't get to meet Miss Camden after all. That really sucks!
Drop by my blog and read about a great football game! :)