Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Poor, Poor Baby!

Look at my boo-boos :0(
Sweet Camden had to go to the doctor for her 2 month check-up. It is hard to believe that my little baby is two months old. Since I don't have any days left that I can take off, her Nonna and Pops took her. She had to get two BIG shots in her little legs. She did good...Jay says that she is a tuffy like her Mom!! They gave her Looney Tunes band-aids to make her feel better, but her little legs were so sore. She has been okay since her appointment...sore and running a fever and a little grouchy, but she still blessed us with her sweet smile!!

Here are her two month stats:
Weight- 11 lbs 7 oz (75%)
Length- 22 3/4 in (75%)...my baby is going to be a long-legged beauty!!
Head- 15 in (25 %)


campers said...

Poor Baby!!!!

andydawn said...

Poor Miss Camden!!! They were about the same at their 2 month check up. I took Mason to the doc yesterday for congestion and he weighed a whopping 14 pounds :)

Mav_Mom said...

Poor little thing! She needs a hug from Gram!

Auntie Anne said...

For feeling lousy, Camden looks comforted to be held by Daddy.

MamaO-Nonna said...

She was a REAL trooper! Definitely a toughie!!