Wednesday, November 29, 2006

13 Reasons I love Being a Coaches Wife...
  1. You get to go on to the field or court after a game.
  2. You always have something to do on Friday nights.
  4. Going to Applebees with the other coaches and their wives after a win!
  5. Having a whole summer off with your family.
  6. Getting to know all the kids
  7. Becoming "Mamma O" to all of Jay's players!
  8. Knowing the inside scoop for the upcoming game (what our chances are to win, the best players for the other team, our plan on how we are going to beat the other team, etc.)
  9. The adrenaline rush before each game.
  11. Being able to raise Camden as a coach's kid. What a fun and exciting way to grow up! You get to be buddies with all the big football on the field after the game...stay up late on game night...always having the title "Coach's Kid."
  12. Texas High School football...enough said!
  13. Oh, yeah-PLAYOFFS!! (Have I mentioned that yet ;)


campers said...

You are a wonderful coach's wife! I am with you! Being a coach's wife is the BEST!!!!!

MamaO-Nonna said...

I love being the coach's MOM!! Never knew that it would make me SOOOOOOO proud!
And.......playoffs, I agree!!!!!!!
Go DAWGS!!!!!!!
Love you, Coach Ocheskeys - both of you! Give CammyO big hugs from Pops and Nonna!

Mav_Mom said...

If you hadn't listed playoffs so many times (bragger!) :o) you could put that you love your date night when it's scouting so you could spend more time with your hubby! Had a few of those this year!

You are doing a great job in a "job" that isn't always easy!

Love, Cheryl