Thursday, August 30, 2007

LA and Some Overdue Randomness...

A little over two weeks ago, Camden and I, joined by our friend Melissa headed off to L.A. for a last hoorah before school started. We were looking to spend a few days with my Auntie Anne visiting all the touristy sights. We flew out of DFW and landed at LAX...hoping to see someone famous...but of course we didn't. The flight down there went smoothly, but the flight home was another story!! Our four hour trip turned into a 14 hour trip. We sat on the runway for 2 1/2 hours before we took of due to technical difficulties. Then we had to taxi for another 30 minutes because two of the back runways were closed down because of a movie being filmed. When we finally got to Denver for our layover, we had missed our connecting flight...they told us not to worry because United had already taken care of finding new flights for those who had missed their connecting flight. Of course...they hadn't and all flights were full! CRAP! We were put on stand-by for a 7:45 flight (3 1/2 hours later) we had fun trying to keep Miss Camden occupied, especially after being on a plane for four and half hours. When it finally got around to 7:45, all flights were running behind due to weather. After a security breach (on our plane) and having 11 passengers from Vancouver whose luggage all had to be rechecked before being put on the plane (3 hours later) when FINALLY headed home...the good news was we did get on the plane instead of having to wait until the next morning to fly out.
We had a BLAST, but I think I was more tired after we got home then before we left...but of course I would do it again in a heart beat!!! Thanks Auntie Anne for all the fun!!

Sorry for such a long are some pictures. Look how big my little girl is now;~(

As soon as we landed at LAX, we headed straight to In-N-Out! YUMMY!!!

Look how big...can you guess what her favorite toy was. was not the basketball, but the flashlight...I had to replug that thing in about 600 times.

Grinning at mommy!

Camden met Ariel on Hollywood Blvd.

Melissa and I in front of the Harry Potter gang...and Ocean's 11

Auntie Anne, Me and Camden at the Kodak Theater...if you look close, you can see the Hollywood sign just above our heads.

"Diaper Diva" on Rodeo Dr.

Beverly Hills!

Lamborghini wouldn't believe the cars that we saw on Rodeo Dr. Honestly, who drives cars like this???

Britney Spears was shopping in Versace on Rodeo Dr. This is the paparazzi standing outside the store (it is the large white store up the street...they can't go past the entrance of the shops).

A close-up of the paparazzi. Jay said I am the only person who would take a picture of people taking pictures of a famous person.

This is Britney Spears' cousin/assisstant Aly. She left the store, followed by some paparazzi and went into another store...then came back out in went back to Versace. After waiting for almost an hour, we only caught a glimps of Britney running and jumping in her SUV(she went out the back door and we were standing at the front doors. They locked the front doors when she was leaving so that no one could follow her.) The paparazzi completely surrounded her car...the cops had to come and excort her car out.

Lamborghini #2

After a long day on Rodeo Dr. we headed the Dodger game. Camden and I are eating an infamous Dodger Dog!! Delicious!!

Camden and I at Santa Monica beach telling Jay how much we miss him!!

The water was FREEZING!! It ended up giving her a fever and a runny nose.

After spending the afternoon on the beach, we headed over to the Santa Monica Pier. It was amazing...there was roller coasters, farris wheels, carousel and good food!! We had lots of fun!

On the boardwalk at Santa Monica Pier...look in the background and you can see the rides.

Camden on the boardwalk at sunset...see the rides lit up in the background.

Camden enjoying her first Fudgecicle.

She loved the moving sidewalk at the kept her entertained for awhile the people were loving her!

Still trying to stay entertained.

Lots of Randomness...

After her first day back at daycare, she was pooped!

She loves reading books! Just like her momma!!

Making silly faces!

Trying on her new boots...she wasn't so sure about them, but my mom and I were loving them. We were both laughing so hard...I almost peed my pants!

Modeling the boots...look at those rolls!!

Trying to walk...

Helping mom with the laundry. (about a minute after this pictures, she slammed her fingers in the door. Oops!)

Camden playing in the pool.

Camden and her friend Natalie reading a book. Is it obvious that they are both teacher's kids??

Right before we left for L.A. we got to meet our new friend Lincoln. Camden loved him and wanted to hold him!


The Houston's said...

Wow! Lots of fun! I've been wandering what you were up to. Rememeber when we saw Britney at the Galleria??? And then we followed her to her car???

DeneƩ said...

Camden is so cute! Looks like ya'll had a blast in LA! Perfect trip before returning to work. Enjoy your school year!

campers said...

yeah, I love seeing pi8cs of the trip! I can't wait to see y'all soon! She has grown in the short month that I haven't seen her!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

You have been on MORE Trips this summer!
I am jealous!!!!!!!
I really can't believe how big she is.

KirkKrew said...

She is too cute! I can't wait to see you all at the game on the 14th. I think Eddie & Darlene will be here too...a mini reunion. I hope y'all fared better than we did tonight. :( It was ROUGH!

The Floydster said...

What fun to see the pictures and remember the great time we had. I miss you all so much - it was quite an adjustment going back to just Max and me. The boot pictures were so cute, and it was fun to see my baby sister again.

Love you all so much! Jay - next time, you've got to come with your girls!

Auntie Anne from California

Allison said...

WOW! Yall need to make a list of ALL the places Camden has been in her first year of life. I am impressed!

I just wanted to let you know that since we live so close to each other that if you EVER need someone on the spur of the moment to watch Camden for you, I gladly would help you out. I know with school back in full swing things can come up unexpected. More kids just means more fun in our book!

But seriously, I am hear to help if yall ever need anything!

Laura said...

She is a growing girl and looking more and more like her momma! I love it! you look great Mav! I hope I am that cute as a Mom! lots of love to you and Camden!

the thorntons said...

Wow! Camden is just a little Hollywood star on her trip to L.A! Looks like you had a blast. Once you get back into the swing of school and stuff, we need to see each other since I'm just down the road! :)

Jodi said...

Mav!!!! Of COURSE I remember you! Thanks so stopping in and saying hi to me! I love seeing your little Camden... first, she is SO precious and second, I LOVE her name!! Greatness! I am adding you to my links so I can check in on ya. You have a precious family. Looks like your trip was super fun!!

Alyson said...

Hey AllyO-It's Aly R. I got your blogspot from Leslie. I'm totally new at this. Yours looks great. Mine is