Thursday, October 25, 2007

One for the records...

Where do I begin! We have been going non-stop...Camden's first birthday, football, football and football, ACU homecoming, and don't forget chasing around a VERY busy 1 year old! I am so behind on my blogging that I am now totally overwhelmed! So, buckle your seat belt and hold on tight...this is going to be a marathon for the record books!

Birthday Update!

Let's start with Camden's first birthday! Many of our family and friends came to Papi and Gram's house for burgers, dogs, cake and fun. It was humbling to see everyone that showed up, and comforting to know how many people love our little girl. I am amazed to see how many lives she has already touched in her first year. I know that God has great things planned for her life! It was good to see everyone and to get a chance to visit. Camden went non-stop and LOVED every minute...I think she was irritated that I made her stop playing to open her presents! Thank you to everyone that came and spent this special day with us!

Cam's cake was brought in V.I.P had a special escort all the way from Denver City. It was beautiful and tasted even better! Thanks Ms. Patt...we love you! And thanks to the cake escort crew!

Camden with two of her favorite boys! She loves her uncle Coby and Uncle Cory!

Look at my hat!My little mini-me!


While we were singing Happy Birthday, Camden got tired of waiting! She was centimeters away from making her first birthday wish with burnt fingers!! What was I thinking (obviously I wasn't!) Look at my face...can you tell I am screaming!

Camden wasn't sure about the cake, and didn't like her hands being dirty. I think she is going to be like me and not be a big fan of cake. After about two bites, she had had enough!

Football Update!

The Bulldogs are off to another GREAT start! Jay's freshman are 7-1 and the varsity is 7-0. We play Crowley tomorrow who is also 7-0. It will be a great game...I have been looking forward to it ALL week. Here are a couple of pictures from the past couple of games.

The Kirk was fun when the Bulldogs played Haltom. Lamar coaches for Haltom, so we got to have a mini reunion after the game.

Some of our BEST buddies...Lila, Eric and MJ

Hopefully this is the closest Camden gets to being a cheerleader...the only thing that comforted me was the fact that she was RUNNING while she was carrying her pompom.

ACU Homecoming!

Camden and I had a whirlwind weekend. We left Friday, after Jay's football game and headed to Abilene for ACU homecoming. It was our 5 year reunion, so lots of my close friends were in town. We pulled into town around 1:45. I love the peace that takes over as soon as I enter Abilene. The pace of life is much slower and relaxing. I would be lying if I said I didn't miss A-town a little! Anyway, I woke up early the next morning for Kojie breakfast. After breakfast, my mom and I went home to pick up Camden and Grandaddy and headed to the parade. I was excited to take was her first parade. She seemed to enjoy it. I left my camera in the car so I have no pictures :( After the game we headed to eat at my FAVORITE restaurant...Gatti's! I LOVE MR. GATTI'S. After we were full on pizza, we went to the football was WAY hot and WAY was a reminder off what West Texas is like. I then rushed home, got in the shower and got ready for our reunion dinner. I was pumped because it was at the Beehive...I LOVE GOOD FOOD! But, it turned out to be not very good and to make it worse, we didn't even get dessert! WHAT?!?! So, all of us headed to Chili's and ate BIG desserts! It was so good to get to see everyone. I have been so blessed with wonderful friendships! I miss getting to see everyone daily, but I am extremely thankful for blogs so that I can stay in touch.

Looking good at Kojie breakfast...I love my Kojie Sisters!

Kojie friends at the reunion dinner.

My BFFs and Camden's favorite Aunts; Leigh Ann, Thompson and Molly! These girls have blessed my life in so many ways.

Bubbies (Jay's roommates) and their wives...minus Jay (working of course) and Andy and Mandy!

My roomie...Heidi! I miss getting to live with her. Each day was fun and exciting in our house!

Camden and her boyfriend Maddox! (I promise Camden's hair looked cuter in person!)

Camden with Mamaw and Granddaddy! WE LOVE YOU!

Making faces with Uncle Coby!

Camden and Jay going for a walk!

The Tinkers are moving closer to us! Here is Jay playing with the girls in the princess tent!

Relaxing and taking a break.

Showing off her first ponytail.
Look how big! She marched around like she was in charge!

Camden showing you that she is one!

Who could ever guess how much a little girl could bless your life. There aren't words that could express my love for this little girl! She is so much fun and so full of life! I enjoy sitting back and just watching her!

Here are some of her favorite things...
~playing with her little riding car
~singing E-I-E-I-O
~doing the hookey-pookey (she actually does it...quite possilby the cutest thing I've ever seen!)

~closing the garage door when we get home
~talking on the phone (everything she picks up quickly becomes a phone)
~drinking out of EVERYONE'S cup
~playing with daddy
~counting (I say 1, she says twoooooooo, feeeee! I think I have a genious on my hands ;~)


I hope you enjoyed the ride! I love you guys!


campers said...

Love the pics from the party! You got some good ones! I can't believe she is 1!!! You were a great hostess, and the party turned out wonderful!
And WHY DOES SHE HAVE A POM POM IN HER HAND???????????????????
It was so good to see you three weekends in a month! We need to keep this up! Love you!

DeneƩ said...

Wow, that was a lot! You have been busy doing a lot of fun things. Congrats to Camden on the first birthday. Yummy cake! I wish I could've been at Homecoming to see you and everyone! Good pics!

Kristen said...

Love all the pics! Good luck with your first few days back. :)
I love the Homecoming pics, everyone looks so great. :)
I wish we could of gone because it was Casey's 5 year too, but he had to work. I guess you understand how that works. Camden is getting so big!

The Floydster said...

I loved seeing all the pictures and catching up with you. I can't wait 'til I can see you all again.



Rick & Shara said...

Yay for new pictures! I love that sweet girl...and her mommy and daddy too! We enjoyed hanging out last night at Jay's game. Love you tons!!

Patrick and Jessica said...

YAY for an update! I was so excited to see pictures of Camden's party. I'm so sad that we missed it! Hope to see you again soon...maybe at a Everman playoff game!!! I think we have been playing phone tag recently, but I'll try to catch you sometime soon!

mamao-nonna said...

WOW~! What a GREAT BLOG! The pics are wonderful! You guys have packed a lot of fun into your fall! We'll see you soon for a short visit.
Love you!

Mauri said...

Wow, Mav. It looks like y'all don't have much going on at all. Live a little! HA! So great to see you and miss Camden at homecoming!

KirkKrew said...

Looks like you have been busy!! I wish we could have been at Camden's party. She is adorable!! Thanks for posting the football picture I'll have to add it to my blog. I hope we can see you all soon!!

CISHEE said...

EXCUSE ME?? What's wrong with cheerleaders???
Love the pics -- am still waiting to see one w/her favorite team - the Green Bay Packers.

Laura said...

Busy girl Mav! So precious, I love your little girl! I am so excited to see you next time and Camden! Laney and her will be fast friends I know! love ya!

Kelli said...

Wow, your little girl is growing so fast! She is absolutely beautiful! Y'all seem to be doing great, have a great week!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I know! Can you believe it!! 10.5 miles is ridiculous after not training. The worst part about it was when he said he wasn't winded and that it was just is body that hurt.
I hate him to. WEll not really. I love him, but you know. :)

Poefam said...

Such precious times y'all have been having! What a sweet birthday party! :) ... About the pics, I take him to the Picture People in Frisco. I LOVE IT! They do such a great job.