Thursday, January 10, 2008

Totally Overwhelmed...

I always get so behind in blogging that I become totally overwhelmed and just choose to ignore the fact that I need to desperately update. So much has happened since the last time that I blogged. Instead of spending hours trying to put everything into words, I will just list some of the highlights and get to what you are truly interested Somehow I didn't end up with very many Christmas day pictures.


~football (we had a disappointing end to the amazing season!)

~basketball, basketball, basketball

~trip to Denver City

~2 trips to the Denver City ER (both for Camden)



~trip to A-town to see the Young family

~Christmas (3 times!!!)

~The Office (Jay and I have become addicted to this show!)

~Josh & Casey's wedding

~lots of needed family time!!

*My sweet little Camden is 15 months. She is so much fun right now! She is talking 100 miles a minute. She is constantly on the move and into everything! My two weeks off with her where amazing and such a blessing. I enjoyed every minute with her and my heart swelled daily with love!

Camden bundled up watching the Bulldogs!

Camden showing off her stitches...earlier in the day she fell and cut her head open while playing in bed with Nonna & Pops.

Busted! Camden trying to act innocent.

Camden opening her presents in Denver City...she loves Christmas as much as her mommy!

Camden performing in Nonna & Pops kitchen. She loves to sit and stand in or on things.

Santa was so sweet and very smart when he put Hello Kitty band aids in Cam's stocking!

Heading into the ER to get our stitches removed.

Camden getting her stitches out. It was traumatizing for everyone involved. I was standing in the corner about to faint. Cam was screaming bloody murder and screaming Ouch! They had a hard time because they couldn't find scissors small enough to cut the stitches out. You can see the nurse holding her by the neck...she had busted blood vessels all around her neck from struggling, trying to get free. HEARTBREAKING! But my little girl is tough!

Camden sitting in her new chair from Mamaw and Granddaddy. She loves it!

Showing off her new kicks that Uncle Coby got her! She didn't want to take them off. She is so into shoes right now! I think I created a monster;)

Uncle Sam teaching her how to play her new guitar.

My family rockin' on Sam's new Rock Star game.

Camden dancing...this is how she spent most of her time in Denver City. I was ready to kill Santa!!


The Houston's said...

So cute! That brings back memories of Macy's stitches. Makes my stomach hurt. Happy New Year!!

campers said...

It was so good to see you and precious cam!!!! (and joay of course) Love all the pics! Love u!

Charis said...

such a cute video! She really had the Christmas spirit :) Glad yall had a fun vacation. We thought of yall and checked the web for the football score. We were sorry to see they lost, but it sounded like one INCREDIBLE season for everyone!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

This is great! I need to hug her neck! And yours of course. Thompson, who's Joay? :)

Nick and Shanda said...

so fun!!!!! I love how kids dance! Glad to hear you had a great Christmas (minus the hospital visits) we love you all and hope to see you soon!

*Kendra* said...

Sooo cute! Yes, we do need to get together soon. I'm thinking we need to have a Wii party at Rick and Shara's!!! Maybe we should ask her first???!!! :)

mamao-nonna said...

Hey, Ally O., Don't kill Santa! He has to be around for many more Christmas seasons! We truly enjoyed watching Camden "get down"! She has some GREAT moves already!
Looks like the Lord was good to ALL of us...even with the ER visits! Those were very hard on Pops and Nonna! Camden was a real trooper!
Love you!

the thorntons said...

That's my girl...a SHOE lover! Bless her heart for having to get stitches. I think I'd be screaming OUCH too!! I love all the pics and especially the video!

Laura said...

precious little girl! And her hello kitty band aids! AND I love the video! Yippee shoes! AND OMG, the Office is our fav show, glad you love it too! We have all three seasons and I swear watch at least one episode a night, we are pitiful! Great update, love you Mav!

Malleysmom said...

She is so Beautiful. I cannot believe how big she has gotten. Mallory loves to check your blog to see all of the pics of Camden. I wanted to make sure that you knew about Mrs. Carroll's grandson....

I am so excited about your family. We always knew that you would be an amazing mom!!!