Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Bit of This...and a Little Bit of That

I didn't realize how far behind I was until I started downloading pictures off my camera. I was looking back at pictures, and thinking "oh, I need to blog about this, and that...and that too." So, this might be a little long and even a little more random, but I promise it will be full of a LOT of good pictures. So sit back and enjoy.

Downtown Fort Worth

A couple of week ago, Nonna and Pops came into town to hang out with us. We ALWAYS love when they come and visit! We always try to take them to different places to eat since they are limited to Sonic, Pizza Hut and McDonald's in DC. We headed to downtown Fort Worth and ate at Billy Minors...YUMMY. Afterwards, we walked across the street to Marble Slab and then sat and enjoyed the great atmosphere and beautiful weather!

Camden and I "hiding" behind the light pole. I thought it was really funny, but Camden thought I was a little crazy!
Sunday after church...Camden loves to walk in my high heals...she is actually quite good at it!
Just a cute picture of my big girl!
Camden and her Nonna

I love this picture because it shows off some of my very favorite things about Camden...curls, thighs, sweet chunky wrists, little belly, rolls and her cute little tush!

Central Market with Friends

Two weekends ago we went to Central Market in Southlake. It was really good to hang out with friends that we hadn't seen in awhile. The school year is always a hard time for Jay and I with football...then basketball...and then track, and we don't get much time with our friends. So, we always love when we get the chance to hang out!! We went with some of our best friends; Shara, Rick and Maddox; Ben, Elizabeth and Hampton; Jodi, Derick and Hudson; Alison, Blake and Chloe; Nick and Belinda; and Brad and Jenny. We had so much fun and enjoyed the music, food and beautiful weather!

Rick and Maddox, Ben and Hampton, and Jay and Camden

Camden and Maddox (this was the best picture I could get of the two kids who wanted to be playing.)
Camden LOVED the playground and went 100 mph. Her favorite thing was the slide!

Camden and Hampton on the BIG slide!

Some more of Camden's friends who came

(but were two little to hang out on the playground)...

Miss Chloe Hughes-we love this sweet, little girl. She is so precious and is always dressed to kill! (Look at her amazing bow...her mommy made it:) Isn't she so talented!)

Hudson Ross Tuley-We were so excited when Hudson showed up to play. He is such a sweet little man. He is already getting so big!

I love this little girl!

Elizabeth, me and Shara. I love both of these girls and enjoy when I get to spend some time with them!

Camden trying to talk to her new friend 'the Dragon'

The boys

Maddox showing off how cute he is!

Mexican League Baseball

Cory and Coby are playing for a team in the Mexican league. Two Sundays ago, we went to watch a game. Oh my gosh...what an experience. If you enjoy baseball, and have never been to a Mexican league game, this is something you must try! Just think...lots of beer, loud Mexican music, and Mexican trash talking...

Gram was trying to warm Camden up...she of course would have nothing to do with it. It would require her to actually sit still.

Camden talking to Uncle Coby through the fence.

Sisters! There is nothing greater then a sister that you can share silly moments with!

YIKES!!! Scary hair!

Camden talking to her Uncle Cory! She loves all of her uncles, and shares a special relationship with each!

Caden Thomas Camp

April 18, 2008

4:35 pm

7 lbs

20 1/2 in

This weekend, Camden and I rushed to Abilene, to see sweet Caden enter the world. He was a little stubborn in coming out (his arm was above his head), so Thompson had to push for over two hours (this was after being in hard labor since 9 o'clock the night before), and then had to be stitched up for another two hours (this girl was amazing...and no it wasn't a c-section). I don't want to ruin any of the details that Thomp might share, but let me tell you...she did amazing. She is a true super woman!!! I am so proud of you Thompson! We already love Caden more then words can express.

Sarah, Thompson and Me (does she look like she has pushed for two hours??)

Ally & Thomp...used to be a we've grown to a foursome!

I love this picture! What an amazing thing to share with your best friend! Caden is beautiful and perfect in every way!!

Seriously...who looks this good after having a baby?!?

While in Abilene we got to stay at Mamaw and G-daddy's house. She loves play andsliding on their floors and bossing the little dogs around..Camden had fun playing with her Uncle Sam at Rosa's!

We love Mamaw and G-Daddy!!

Pretty Toe Nails...

Last night, Gram painted Camden's toe nails for the first time. She loved it and kept saying pridy (pretty)...she was so proud of them and loved showing the off.

Mama and Cam's matching toes.


The Houston's said...

I love all the pictures. Camden is a doll. And are already SOOO tan!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm jealous!

Leigh Ann said...

Love the post! Miss Camden is too cute:)

mamao-nonna said...

I LOVED catching up with you guys! Running here & there -between family & friends! You are truly BLESSED.
The brothers playing Mexican league...AMAZING!
The sisters cheering them on (I think)...AWESOME!
Friends hanging out...PRICELESS!
Gram doing toenails...RELAXING! And...Thompson, what a BEAUTIFUL baby BOY! You look FABULOUS - Caden is blessed to have such a sweet mom (and Daddy too)!
Camden has sooo many precious friends & family surrounding her. She will ALWAYS know that she is LOVED!
We love ALL of you!
Pops & Nonna
P.S. Our visits are always precious stolen moments for it's good to know that you also enjoy them.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I LOVED this post! :) I'm wearing those shoes that Camden has on of yours right now! :)

the thorntons said...

It was so great to see you last weekend! This was a fun post...loved all the pictures!

annalee said...

WHAT A POST! LOVED all the pics of your little cutie and reading about you guys.

andydawn said...

You have been busy :) Miss Thing is soooo CUTE!! I love her curls...and I love your hair too!! Thompson doesn't look like she just had a baby...she looks GREAT...I would never post pics of me during labor since I went into the hospital at 4 in the am!!! YIKES :)

*Kendra* said...

She is so cute! I love the pig tails! We do those often at our house!

Poefam said...

Loved the post!!! Precious pics! And how sweet is Little Caden!?!? I love him so! I'm going over to their house to get a little more baby love today! :)

Charis said...

Wow, yall have been BUSY!! I love all the pics. Camden is so precious and it looks like yall are having tons of fun in life :) Gotta say I'm jealous of your awesome tan!!

Laura said...

awesome post mav! I am catching up. Camden is a beauty. So is her Momma! And baby Caden! I need to see him! And I love camden's curls and thighs and shoes and all of her! MUAH!

Stacy said...

okay so you are in on the MARATHON??? i know i am really wanting to and excited but nervous about the training during football season??? laura is sending me a book on everything to do and we will see if there are enough hours in the day for me to train then w/ the girls and janson being gone so much...hopefully i can do it!

Stacy said...

hey here is this blog that linz made and think it is going to have a schedule for running and stuff:)


Hi Mav! Thank you so much for your prayers for Coley and our family. It means so have no idea! Heidi gave me your email, so I'm going to email soon b/c I have a question about a health issue you posted about Camden a while ago...I'm wondering if Coley has the same thing. And yes, let's get together. Mylie would LOVE to play with Camden!

The Powell Family said...

Good for you!!! I can't believe you're going to run a marathon!!! I should set some kind of goal for myself, but for some reason I cannot wrap my mind around 26 miles. UGH. 10 yes, 26 no. I wish we were close too, I need some one on one run buddies to keep me motivated. Good luck!!!