Monday, May 19, 2008

Scrambling to Catch Up...

Once again, I'm scrambling to catch up. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks and a lot is coming! Where do I start? This long post will be followed with several cute pictures that will make it worth while!

Some things that have happened over the last couple of weeks...
  1. Two weeks ago, my baby sitter who has kept Camden since she was six weeks old, quit to start nursing school. It wouldn't be such a HUGE problem, except that she gave me five days notice to find a new daycare (FIVE DAYS!) So after having a 3-day emotional break-down, my WONDERFUL in-laws stepped in to help. They told me that they would take care of Camden for the last four weeks of school with the help of some of the Aunts and Uncles. The only downside is that we have to be away from Camden for two of the four weeks (we did survive our first week away from her, and FINALLY picked her and "Pops" up and the airport last night...that's another story). They took her to Denver City for a week, Pops is now here for a week and will take her back to DC for a week. Finally, Nonna will spend the last week of school here. Thank GOD for Grandparents!!!
  2. My sweet brother Cory moved to Hawaii...yep you read that right...HAWAII!! It was hard telling him bye, but you have to let them live their lives! I already miss him terribly and look forward to our future web cam chats!
  3. My mom had major sugery. She had three feet of her colon removed (I honestly had no idea that your colon was that long). Man...what a week. Camden, Aunt Carolyn and I drove to Abilene to spend Mother's Day with my mom and help her get ready for surgery...NOT FUN! After about 60-something pills (I'm not exaggerating...they were to clean out her stomach), no food for two days (that was just before the surgery...Friday was her first day to eat-since two Saturdays ago), and some throwing up, we drove her to the hospital Monday morning for surgery. My uncle Dave was also there from Arkansas. It meant a lot to have everyone there! My dad and I couldn't have done it without them! It was hard watching them roll my mom away into the OR. She was in surgery for about 3 hours and then in recovery for about 2. It was a LONG day - with an even longer night ahead. My Aunt Carolyn and I spent the night at the hospital. Mom's blood pressure was very low and her pain medicine had relaxed her so much that she stopped breathing numerous times. I was scared out of my mind!!! I prayed with all my heart, mind and soul that God would get her through that night! At about 4:30 am Tuesday morning, after putting her on oxygen to regulate her breathing, I texted a bunch of my family and close friends asking for prayers (sorry to whoever I woke up). I started getting immediate responses and my closest friends and family hit their knees in prayer. Around 8, they finally got her blood pressure leveled out and her breathing regulated. God is Good! Thank you for all the prayers. My mom was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon and is now recovering at home. It's a long process...please keep her in your prayers!
  4. Jay and I had a week alone (hard and rewarding all at the same time). We had a lot of alone time! We went to eat out (not fast food!) and watched several movies...I highly recommend Ironman and Baby Mama. On Sunday, we went to church and spent the afternoon shopping. I got some multi-vitamins to help keep me healthy during my marathon training (did I mention that I am running a marathon in November??) and some clothes. We then drove to the airport (we were a little anxious and ended up taking an hour nap in the parking lot). We went in and waited, and waited, and waited. I had done really good all week long, but that last 30 minutes was a ROUGH!! I cried off and on waiting on my baby girl, but everything was PERFECT when I saw my sweet baby coming up the ramp in the airport!


Watching Barney...
She wouldn't look at the camera, but did give me a big, sweet smile!
Camden made friends with the Royals pitchers (see them in the bullpen). She kept waving and saying, "hi boys!" They were very nice to her and continued to wave over, and over, and over. One of them finally threw her a ball.
Playing with Daddy and her new baseball!
My girl loves playing outside!!! It is WWIII trying to make her come in...
Playing on her slide. I moved it to the front yard so the dogs would leave her alone and let her play.
Did you catch that slide on camera??? Wow!
Waving to the planes that were flying over her house!
Silly Smile!
Camden saw this bee and said "ewww, bee bite! ouch!"
I forgot to mention that Jay bought a new jeep. It is a beauty and we love it! Camden only likes riding in it if the top is up...she calls it her tent!
Helping Daddy work on the engine.
Still working...
Cleaning Daddy's tools for him (that's one way to do it.)
Cleaning up the garage...every great mechanic cleans up his/her mess!
Mommy was working hard too :~)
All smiles because we got a package from our friends Alison and Chloe!
BOWS!!!! Alison is soooo talented! Look at all these amazing bows. My favorite are the Everman bows (black and purple). And of course mom made her model them ALL at once. Daddy and Camden were not impressed!
Little Beauty!
A little scratch on the booty to make sure she isn't perceived as being too girly!
Cute pigtails with bows from Alison...smelling the flowers!
I love these two pictures...she loves playing and goes into her own little world! I love watching her imagination work!
We had a going away party for Cory. It was so good to hang out with family and send Cory off with best wishes and lots of love. Camden loved playing with her cousins, and actually having someone smaller than her. Here, she is feeding Meg for you, two for for you, two for me...
I LOVE ice cream...and Brewster's is my favorite. Camden and Lila making sure they are still short enough to get a free kiddie cone! Yippee!
Last weekend Pops and Nonna came to hang out with us and to get Camden packed up for her week in DC. On Saturday, we packed the day full of fun! First we headed to the Fort Worth Zoo!!
Watching the monkies.
The swans were beautiful. If you look close, you can see an egg under the mom!
Camden and Jay trying to talk the Hippos in coming out of the water.
One of the coolest things they have at the FW zoo, is the bird feeding cage. I was worried that Camden would be scared, but she loved it! Jay showed her how to hold the stick and let the birds eat the seeds off. She sat very still and let the bird eat all the seeds and even nibble on her finger.
Camden's turn..
I LOVE the next two pictures. It is a close up of her perfect little hands feeding the bird.

After the zoo, we headed to the Rangers game. We had great seats for the game!
Camden doing her best impression of Marylin Monroe.
Watching the boys (she calls all baseball players Cam) warmup. Like I said, our seats were awesome!
In Abilene, modeling her new dress and trying to cheer up Mamaw before her big surgery!! Camden looked so big in her dress and headband.

~Only 12 more days of school!!! I can't wait for summer and the fun and family time that comes with it. We have lots of trips planned that I am so excited for. Hope everyone has a good week and enjoys the sunshine!!


Leigh Ann said...

Love the update and I am glad your mama is doing better.
Loved Baby Mama and Iron Man...we have such good taste!
Can't wait to see you in 2 1/2 weeks! Yea for girls weekend!!
Love you!

*Kendra* said...

Love that little girl! Look how cute she is! I love all the bows! We've been praying for your mom!

*Kendra* said...

Ally, Are you doing the marathon in San Antonio in November? I'll be there to cheer you on---my mom, dad and sister are doing it too!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I HAD NO idea about your momma. I didn't get the text at 4:30 in the morning although if I would have I would have been on my knees!! Peter too.
A JEEP!!?!?! Holy cow! So fun!!
I too am excited to see you!!

Rick & Shara said...

Oh how I miss you and that baby girl! She is so big now. I love ALL of the new pictures. I am so glad your mom is doing better and that you are almost out of school. We have got to get together soon! I love you.

Mav_Mom said...

Ohhhh we miss her!!(ok all of you but Camden more - we saw you last week!) :o)

mamao-nonna said...

Happy to be able to HELP! Pops and I have truly enjoyed getting some REAL TIME with Camden! She IS a barrel of FUN!
Glad to hear that Nancy is back home and healing well! We Love HER!!!!!!!
Cory will blend in on the Hawaiian Islands! He's gonna LOVE IT!
See you soon!

Mauri said...

So sorry about your mom! If there is anything they need, let us know! And I love the pictures of Camden with all the bows in her hair! That is too fun... She is getting so big!

the thorntons said...

I'm so glad that your mom is doing okay! How scary!! I'll continue to be praying for her as she's on the mend. I have to admit, I kindof like it when you wait a long time between posts because then you put on LOTS of cute pictures all at once. You have one cute little girl on your hands!

andydawn said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom...I will be praying for her..I hope she is doing well.

I can't wait to see ya in just a few short weeks!

Can Camden get any cuter!! YES...she is SOOO PRECIOUS :)

annalee said...

wow, what a lot has happened in your life. counting down til summer with you! you're almost there!

The Houston's said...

Sooo glad for the update. Camden just gets cuter and cuter!!!! I can't wait to play with her this summer (right?!!!!!!)

Jodi said...

Glad to have you back!

What a blessing that your mom is doing better... how scary! Love the pics... your little cutie just gets cuter and cuter!

campers said...

cutest little bowhead I've ever seen! Can't wait to see y'all soon! love u!

Alison said...

I had no idea about your sweet mom. We will be praying for her. I am so glad you like the bows! She looks precious in them! I am looking for a marathon to do, want a partner? Good luck with the end of school, you're almost there! love ya!

KirkKrew said...

Ally - Love the pics. We were at the zoo on Saturday too! Hope to see you soon!


Stacy said...

love the bows! i will admit that i am bow obsessed too! hard not to be w/ girls!!!!

Laura said...

catching up....omg, glad your Mom is alright, scary! And Camden is getting so big! PRECIOUS! I can't wait to see you soon Mav!

Alyson said...

Are you looking for someone to keep her next year? My sister is wanting to keep mine and Lacy Gee's baby. She only keeps teacher's kids. just wandering if you you're interested. I am so thankful your mom is doing better. I had not clue she was sick! God is so good.