Thursday, May 29, 2008

She Isn't Missing a Beat...

We are on our second week (of two) for Camden to be away from home. I can hear the gasps now...but she was actually home for a week in between. Why you ask? Let me refresh your memory. About four weeks ago, Janice, the lady who has kept Camden since she was 8 weeks old, decided to go to nursing school and gave me 5 days to find some where for Cam to stay. Not a simple task. I am not bitter, I promise:~) So, Jay's parents came to the rescue and have kept Cam for the last three weeks (and will keep her next week also.) Camden is actually having a BLAST and enjoying every second with Pops and Nonna. It has actually been harder on Jay and I than it has for her. She is such a little toughy (one of my favorite things about her:)!! Saying goodbye this time around was a LOT harder since she was sick. She had been throwing up for two days when she left. But, all is well and she is back to being herself.

Like I said...she is LOVING every minute!


Leigh Ann said...

Hang in there, summer is almost here! I can't believe how long her hair cute! You are a great mama and she is having some good grandparent time.
See you in a week!!!

mamao-nonna said...

We love this li'l toughy too! She is a bundle of "what can I get into next!" And...she makes her own fun ALL DAY LONG! She has invented more games in the last weeks than I had ever imagined a toddler could. Everyone at the office is AMAZED that she isn't even 2 yet! She is soooo smart!!
See you in a couple of days!
Love you!

Alyson said...

I'm so sorry Ally about the babysitting thing falling through. I'll keep you posted if I hear of anyone else. I'm looking into daycares unfortunately.

Mav_Mom said...

Looks like Camden is having a great time which doesn't surprise me one bit. I know she loves her Denver City family!

Rick & Shara said...

Sweet Camden. I know that you will be so glad when summer is officially here and she is home for good. I'm so glad that Jay's parents were able to keep her for you. What a blessing! Love you and hope to see you soon.

GateWay said...

Oh precious girl... we grandparents so love having our daughter/son's children, but we also know how hard that is on you guys. I remember when Elly and Will left TR with us for an extended period... He got okay pretty quick, but Ellena... well, let's put it this way, she told Will... "if this is what it is, we're NEVER leaving again" (or something like that)... but then... the next trip was easier, and these little ones have absolutely NO DOUBT into whose arms God placed them as their mommy and daddy. You are clearly a great mommy Alison! bless you all!

Sarah Durham said...

So great to hear from you. I just looked through your blog and am not surprised at how precious Camden is. You are such a good mamma! I look forward to the months to come with Elle and watching her grow into a sweet little girl like Camden!
I would love to meet her someday and introduce you to Elle. She is in such a fun stage right now and I am loving every minute of this new journey!
Thanks for writing and I hope to keep in touch. Tell your family hello for us!

Kristen said...

Our photographer is Jen Boilla at
She is AWESOME! :)
I love her pictures.

Bogle said...

Hey Alyson, could you send me your address for Alyson Reves' baby shower please
thanks so much