Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Few Things...

I finally found my camera cord so I was able to upload all the pictures from my camera. Here are a few things I meant to blog about, but never got around to it.


In November, while we were still in the football playoffs, we didn't get a Thanksgiving break, but we did get one day without practice. So, we headed to The Great Wolf Lodge with some other coaches families to enjoy our one day of vacation! We checked in that evening, played until closing time, ate a wonderful dinner, slept in our very cozy room, and then woke up the next morning and enjoyed a full day of the water park. We had a great time...that place is AMAZING!
I made Camden wear a life jacket most of the time, because I was so sick and sitting on the side instead of being in the water with her. She liked playing in the fountains.
Sad that Mom was not joining her in the water.

She did a couple of slides, but her FAVORITE thing was the jet ski that she could sit on and squirt people. She and Jay had lots of fun trying to spray Mommy!


Christmas is always a fun and crazy time for us. We have to squeeze in Christmas with four families (who live all over the state) into the five days Jay gets due to basketball. This year was no exception. It is always well worth it and such a joyful time around our families! We are very blessed to have such amazing families that are flexible and enjoy their quick visits.
Jay and Camden did a GREAT job decorating our tree. I was sick on the couch...just in charge of taking pictures.

Camden talked to Santa at Mrs. Baird's. She did really well!

Before heading to Pops and Nonna's house in Denver City, we did Christmas as a family of three. Here is all the loot.

Modeling her new sun glasses.
After our Christmas, we packed up and made the trek to DC.

When Camden woke up the next morning, she was ready to put her new Jeep together.

Helping Pops put the Jeep's wheels on.Camden "enjoying" her jeep. It took a little getting used to!

At the O's house, we open presents on Christmas Eve. Here she is "patiently" waiting for her first present.Opening her new baby. It was a big hit!

Aunt Ashley got a new stethoscope for nursing school. Camden was very interested in listening to her heartbeat.

Mama and Camden making cookies for Santa. Since I was so sick, we took the easy way out and made reigndeer cookies out of Nutter Butters.

Working hard...
Putting on Rudolph's nose.Writing her letter to Santa. She worked so hard on this made her mama proud!
The finished product.
The next morning, we opened stockings and headed to Levelland for the McHam Christmas. My heart stopped when a looked over a saw Cam playing with this...luckily it ended up being fake. The McHam Family

We headed Abilene to visit my family there. For some reason, this is one of the only pictures that I got. Camden LOVES her Big Pawpaw.

3. My Little Kitchen Helper...
Camden has really become intersted in helping around the kitchen. She loves to help cook anything that we are making. During Christmas break, Aunt Randi came and stayed with us for a couple of days. Randi and Camden decided to make Rice Crispy treats for Jay's basketball boys.

One of her specialties... Sweet Tea! She is probably the only two year old who can tell you exactly how to make it...

4. My Little Artist...

Camden has also decided that she really enjoys anything artistic. A couple of weeks ago, we got out the water colors for the first time. The little artist proud of her hard work!

Camden's first water color master piece.

5. Bulldog Basketball...

We did really well this year in basketball. Jay's freshman won district for the fourth year in a row! The varsity made it all the way to the Regional Tournament before we lost by one on a last second shot to Palo Duro. I am very proud of the coaches and all the Bulldogs!

Camden and Jay playing in between the girls' game and the start of the boys'. I am scared that I might have a future cheerleader on my hands :(One of our very FAVORITE Bulldogs, Tre'. He will be a Baylor Bear next year. We look forward to watching some Baylor football games next year.

All smiles after a BIG Bulldog win!!!

6. A Little Bit of Randomness...

Looking cool in her new glasses!

Camden modeling her first french braid.

We got to meet baby Lauren at Kristen's birthday. Camden did really well with her.


This is the face I usually get when I ask her to look at the camera...YIKES~

Enjoying a day at the stockyards...


Charis said...

Yea! Glad for the update :) Looks like a fun Christmas. Now you are all ready to update us about your Spring Break! Hope you are feeling great now. How's that baby of yours doing?

The Houston's said...

Oh, she is soooo adorable! I want to see you guys...and can't wait to meet the new baby!! Give yourselves a hug for us!!

Patrick and Jessica said...

Thanks for the updates! Camden is growing up so quickly! I hope that you're feeling better now...the new little one will be here in no time. Can't wait to meet her! Enjoy your Spring Break!

mamao-nonna said...

AWESOME! You finally had some time to update...WHEW!
Breathe in some fresh air this week, and get ready for the fast finish! Can't wait for the end of THIS school will be a FANTASTIC ending...meeting our precious and sweet Miss Braelynn!
Love you ALL! Take CARE!

KirkKrew said...

Love the update! Camden is so cute and so grown up!!! I think about you guys often. Hope we can see you all soon!

Tricia said...

Hope you are starting to feel better. Don't feel like you are a bad mom, it is only 9 months. Poor sam watched TV a lot when I was pregnant with Micah. You are still a great mom!
Love all the pictures...super cute!

Cassy said...

Where is the picture of that belly?!?!

The Davis Daily said...

Hey there - I would love to help you with your baby bedding. I have another friend whom I doing one for also in June! I think Spring is going to be a busy.
First thing, what colors are you wanting to do? If there isn't a preference, I can just send you some fabrics of different color schemes. Have you found out the sex? Also, do you have a budget in mind. Once I have an idea on everything I will draw up a few sketches along with fabrics and send it your way. Let me know what your thinking, I have plenty of time on my hands. Here is my email if you would rather converse that way: