Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tag, Your It...

I have been tagged by my best friend Thompson. Since I am sitting at school benchmarking all day, I figured I would take some time to blog.

The rules are as follows...
1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were tagged.

3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

  1. I HATE conflict. Being a part of a conflict, or just seeing people who are arguing or mad at each other, stresses me out. I would rather keep stuff to myself, then let other people know how I am feeling if there is a chance someone would be mad or upset.
  2. I am a BIG time worrier (aka stresser). I worry about everything whether I can control it or not. Money, school, TAKS testing, health, love, people's relationships... I worry about things that my family is going through, my friends and stuff in my own life. Jay gets frustrated with me and tells me that I am going to make myself sick. It is something I pray about, but just can't seem to let go of. When I am stressed out, I suffer from terrible migraines.
  3. If your mess with my family or friends, you are going to have to answer to ME! Even though I shy away from conflict, and hate being in the middle of it...I will put you in your place if you mess with my family or friends. I am not afraid to stick up for the people I love and not scared to go up against anyone. Two prime examples, the man that I chewed out for making a rude comment about Coby after he struck out in an at bat for A&M. After I chewed him up one side and down the other, he apologized:) Or the time that a Dad (did I mention he was HUGE) was complaining about Jay's coaching during a football game, and I started yelling at him (from about 6 rows up) about his ignorance and if he was such a talented coach and had such a vast of knowledge of football, then he needed to go back to school and graduate with a coaching degree. I got a large round of applause and a personal escort to my car after the game. (The man never made rude comments again)
  4. I LOVE children's books...reading them and collecting them. If you ever visit my classroom, you will see my rather large collection. I have close to 300 books that I have collected in the five years I have been teaching. I am very protective of these books and I'm constantly lecturing my students on how to care for books. I also have a problem with buying books for Camden. Every time I come home with a new book, Jay reminds me that Camden doesn't know how to read yet. She probably has close to 100 books already.
  5. I love running! In high school and college I was a sprinter, but now I enjoy running long distances. I would often consider quiting the track team if I was ever asked to run over a 1/2 mile, where as now, my shortest runs are usually around 3 miles.
  6. I often feel guilty about being a working mom (but honestly don't want to be a stay at home mom either). I feel like Camden sometimes misses out on neat experiences being in a day care all day. I read some of my friends blogs, and see all the amazing things that they do with their sweet babies, and feel that I am not as good of a mom, because I don't share in these experiences with Camden.
  7. Before I had children, I only wanted boys! I wanted four or five boys and MAYBE one little girl (maybe). Since I have had Camden, I am in love with sweet, baby girls. I secretly wanted baby #2 to be a girl, but was ashamed to tell people that I had a preference. I still want some boys, but I'm so blessed and thankful to have girls too.
  8. One of my biggest fears in life is to go through a divorce. I am a child from a divorced family, and thank God daily for the way that he worked through our family situation. I would not change a thing about my family if I was given the chance. I have two AMAZING families that I love dearly! But in saying that, I never want to go through a divorce as an adult.
  9. I LOVED growing up as a coach's kid and always planned on marrying a coach. I now love being a coach's wife and knowing that our kids will grow up as coach's kids. I enjoy the life of living on the field or at the gym. I enjoy the relationships that are built between the athletes and the coach's families. I smile every time we pass stadium lights and Camden gets excited because she thinks that we are going to watch a Bulldog football game. Any large lights she sees she calls Bulldog lights. I love that anytime Jay is gone, Camden asks if he is at the gym. Even though there are many challenges, and your job and future depends on the performances of 16-18 year olds, the life of a coach and it family is very rewarding.
  10. Sports is one of my passions. Playing, watching, reading about...anything that has to do with sports I love. My favorite sports to participate in are volleyball, track, and flag football, but I will play or try to play anything. If I stink at a sport, it is one of the most aggravating things to me. I love watching sports on TV or better yet, LIVE. I am a die hard Cowboys and Ranger fan. In high school, I often spent Sundays in my room...not by choice, but because my mom had sent me there because I was so pissed off at the Cowboys for playing badly. I love high school football games, and live for the excitement of Friday nights. On Saturday mornings, I enjoying waking up and vegging out in front of the TV for College Game Day. I go to bed every night watching ESPN. When Camden was born, ESPN was on in the background...the big news story was about the Monday night football game between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons (it was New Orleans' first game back in the Super Dome since Hurricane Katrina). SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS, and more SPORTS!

I tag...

  1. Shara-because I don't think you can come up with 10 things I don't know about you.
  2. Heidi-because you are one of the funniest and most creative people I know.
  3. Leigh Ann-because you haven't updated since November and maybe if more then one of us tags you, you might actually do it.
  4. Andrea-because I miss you and want to see what things a new mom of two can come up with.
  5. Sara Hejl-because you are freaking hilarious and you have a very wide span of knowledge and randomness.
  6. Auntie Anne in California- because I love find out stuff about you I didn't know and listening to stories about you, my mom and the rest of the Floyd family.
  7. Cassi-because you are one of my Kojie friends that I miss seeing on a regular basis.


andydawn said...

You are an AMAZING mom! Cam is blessed to have you and so is her sweet lil sister! I will have to get creative during the WEE hours of the morning when I am up feeding :)

The Floydster said...

Thanks for the tag, Aly. And I agree with andydawn - you are an absolute amazing mom. What Camden might miss out on because you're not a SAHM, she gets to experience things that kids of SAHMs don't get to have. I look at Camden's pictures and that is one happy child. All she has ever experienced from you and Jay is love. She is a blessed child.

campers said...

Ally ~ Ihave to say...I knew it all...But I am not sure you could come up with anything I don't know.....You are a great mom! So many of the things I have learned are from you! Just remember that when Cam starts school....she will be so much more socially equipped than children who are not around other children everyday!

annalee said...

i too am so impressed with you! it is obvious you love on your own girl like nobody's business and share your love and support with so many others through your job too.

i am also way impressed that y'all managed to come up with another incredibly cute name. i'm nowhere near pregnant again, but i already worry about how to pick another name someday. what pressure!

Lauren Ralston said...

Hey there, just got your post message, LOVE your blog...too cute. Our friend got our wall stencil at Hobby Lobby, they have a ton and I was actually at Kohl's today and they had some too. Hope it goes well!

Stacy said...

Calm Your Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow:) when i read about you worrying and stressing that book SOOO popped in my mind...I read it when Kelsey was one and it helped me sooo much...I would REALLY encourage you to read it...i would mail it to you but i am not sure who the last person I lent it to...

the thorntons said...

These were fun to read! I knew most of those things about you, but not all. I think you are such a great mom, and Camden is lucky to have you!!

P.S. Sorry I never called you back after my parents left. Ryan got home and it's been a whirlwind, but I really would love to see you sometime!

Cassy said...

I see that I am tagged.... thanks a lot! I am so NOT good at those kinds of things. I promise I'll get a around to it some time soon. In the mean time, I just want to say that I'm with you on the working mom thing. I think we all feel that way at some point or another.

hejlyeah said...

Thanks for the tag! I promise I'll do it. I've been such a bad blogger lately. Miss y'all!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

i love that name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!