Saturday, February 05, 2011

Joy of Love...Day 4 & 5

So, I am a day behind...I have a really good excuse, I promise.  I will blog more about my fun night last night and what kept me away from the computer (clue to tease you: PRIVATE SUPER BOWL PARTY!) I really have a lot to update you on...we have been busy this week entertaining ourselves during this CRAZY winter storm!

{Day 4...What They Wear...}

*I really had a hard time with this theme.  I want good pictures that I
can actually use and enjoy, so I didn't just want to snap some pointless photos of what they were wearing.

{DAY 5: Love to Hate!}
*This was easy for me...I knew immediately that I would post pics of our Playstation 3.

Camden playing Frisbee Golf on PS3 Move...

Braelynn and Daddy playing PS3.


Anne said...

Dang! Lovin' those pigtails!!!!!

mamao-nonna said...

Atari, Nintendo, Playstation, Playstation 2 & Now PS3 and PS3 Move!!!!!!!
My BOYS and their TOYS!!