Thursday, February 03, 2011

Joy of Love...Day 3

{Day 3...Then & Now}
Today's theme was a little harder.  Most of our 'old' pictures are on discs because we had to "save" them from our last computer right before it crashed (thank goodness!).  So, I choose from the pictures that we have on our new computer, only dating back to last Christmas.

FEB. 2010 (Last year's snow days)...
Braelynn had to enjoy the snow from inside and watching through the back window.

FEB. 2011 (This year's snow days)...
Enjoying being part of the action this time around!

**Stay tuned for an update of all the fun we have had as a family on this week off!  Even if we end up having to make up these days at the end of the year, I will forever be thankful for this unexpected break with my sweet family!  I am so BLESSED!


Mav_Mom said...

Braelynn looks like Camden in this picture!

Anonymous said...


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mamao-nonna said...

Love SNOW Days!! But... we didn't get any! Seems odd that the Metroplex had days out!! Again!!