Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Joy of Love...Day 2

After I decided that I wanted to do a photo-a-day for the month of February, I found this photo challenge on one of my friend's blogs.  I love taking pictures, and having pictures of my family and kids all over the house, but lets face it...I have a LOT to learn.  This very talented photographer is offering these free tips over email, and I am going to do everything I can to become better.  I was so excited when I saw this FREE offer and signed up immediately.  

Here are the "requirements" for the class...

suggested class materials:
  • someone(s) you love
  • a camera
  • a desire to stretch your photographic skills
what you can expect from this willette JOY class:
  • a daily email during the month of february
  • the email will contain a photo idea and occasional tips
  • a public flickr gallery to share photos
  • an album template download at the end for all of your photos you take during the class
  • a journey to help you document your loved one(s) – whether it is a spouse, partner, child, pet, parent or friend 

{DAY 2: What they look like...}

I decided to choose two pics again today.  "What they look like" was the theme for today's pictures, so I wanted to show you my two boys and how much Crayton looks like his daddy.  I LOVE these boys!


Shopoff Family said...

Loving the pics already! :) Great idea!!!

mamao-nonna said...

Me too... Me too!!
I LOVE February and pictures month!
Keep 'em coming!!

Poefam said...

I think that baby boy looks JUST like his Momma! :) ...Loving all of the pics, by the way!!! Keepit up!