Monday, August 08, 2011

Where do I begin...?

We have had an amazing summer from start to finish.  I have a lot to catch up on, because we have had so many fun and exciting things going on!  ALL of the fun started around the last 2 1/2 weeks of school.  When I say we were busy, I mean, WE WERE BUSY!!  We had a couple quick road trips with good friends; we celebrated Braelynn's second birthday; had a Pre-K graduation; a big fat, Greek wedding; the baby sibling graduated from high school, two and a half week of WONDERFUL family vacations, and a family, girls weekend to Galveston.  Since being home we have been doing lots of swimming and enjoying home life together.  Jay has already been back to football for two weeks, so things have slowed down for us. Now, I having a lot of post needing to be done in my last full week of summer time.  Stay tuned and keep checking in, because I want you to be able to share and be apart of our SUMMER OF A LIFETIME!!
Coby & Bradey
June 4, 2011

I missed the last day of school, and we all traveled to Oklahoma for a jammed packed weekend of fun, tears, laughter, stress and heart filled memories.  Bradey and Coby chose to get married at the most beautiful place ever, the Harn Homestead in Ok City.  It was a breathtaking barn tucked in the midst of trees, cabins, and gazebos.
On Friday, we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  (For some reason I have very little pictures of this.  BOO for me)


Some of the brothers...
 Crayton & Big Cam
 Stylin' Sam!
 Crazy Cory!

 Bradey practicing her new signature before signing the marriage certificate.
 She decides it looks good!
 Now signing the "real deal!"
 Coby's turn to sign!

After the rehearsal we had rehearsal dinner at Irma's Burger Shack.  We had tons of amazing appetizers and the best burgers ever.  What ever you wanted on the burger you could get...the sky was the limit.  Jay and Cory had a contest going with who could construct the most unreal burger.  Not sure who actually won.  It was both delicious and lots of fun!!

On Saturday, we woke up to beautiful, HOT weather.  After being lazy for a while, the girls went to get their hair done and then got ready at the hotel.  I was so upset when I got back to the hotel and realized I didn't have any of my make-up!!!  After having a minor meltdown (probably induced by all the pinned up emotions of my baby brother getting married), I gave myself a pep talk about how it WASN'T about me, "put on my big girl panties," and went on with the day!  We headed to Harn Homestead to start getting Miss Bradey for her BIG DAY!  From this point on, anything that could have gone wrong, did...! 

1.The air conditioner went out in the little bridal house where we were getting Bradey ready. 2. The wedding cordinator didn't show up...did you hear me, SHE DIDN'T SHOW UP!  Who does that??  So everything that was supposed to be decorated wasn't.  So, me, my brothers and sister, and a couple of the other girls set up everything, all the while trying to convince the bride that there was nothing to worry about :o)  Even the photographer and florist worked their booties off (two pretty special ladies if you ask me!!) 3. Then, as we are about to start pictures, some random dude showed up dripping of sweat and REEKING of alcohol.  He told us he was the replacement for the no show coordinator who still hadn't contacted the bride, but could call some crazy drunk guy to take her place.  He didn't stay very long!  4. Finally, we get the wedding on the road, and the DJ (who was also a replacement) played the wrong songs throughout the ceremony. (Are your eyes crossing from all the craziness yet?) 5. We make it through the wedding, and walk over to the barn to start the party.  The DJ, announces "I would like to introduce, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Coby Mavroulis!"  They walked towards the barn, crowd goes wild, and BOOM the sprinklers come on and start soaking everyone and everything!  And the best part, the lady who was the rep for the Homestead, DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO TURN THEM OFF!!!  So there was family members and friends running around, trying to stomp down the sprinkler heads.  6.  Then, remember how I said the sprinklers soaked EVERYTHING??  Well they fried the DJ's equipment... So, my brother found an iPhone and docking station so we could have some music.  Thankfully after about thirty minutes, the DJ figured out just his mic and its connectors were fried, so we eventually got good music to get our grove on with!!  BUT despite all of this CRAZINESS, the bride and groom kept their cool and kept smiling, and everyone enjoyed one of the best weddings ever (and probably most memorable)!  


The STUNNING bride, Miss Bradey, and my precious little flower girl!

 Camden asked Bradey, "Are you are real princess?" 

The handsome groom, my little brother, Coby. 
 Besides my personal groom, I don't think I ever seen such a good looking groom!

 Camden and I
I love this baby girl. She did so good!

Mom, Coby, Bradey, & Dad
Coby escorting our this one!

Introducing, Mr. and Mrs. Coby Mavroulis...
...Coby being a jokester and making fun of how girls pose for pics.

 First dance!

 At the end of the first dance, they asked for the parents to join in...and then Jay and I.  It was really special to get to be a part of that sweet moment.  There weren't very many dry eyes on the dance floor during this dance.

 The couple looking out over the reception. 

 Making the toasts...

 The bothers/Jay during toast...
  ...and then cheering on whatever was said!

 During the reception, the girls ran around and did their own thing... Camden dancing in the grass, and Brae digging in the dirt.  I think that about sums up their little personalities... 

 Brothers, Jay (honorary brother) and Breck (another honorary brother) doing the 'blue steal' pose... 
 Of course we made them take a good one two...

 Bradey and her girls posing in the picture wall....super cute idea!

Uncle Sam, Crayton, Jay & Braelynn

 My Aunt Anne snuggling Mr. Crayton

Sam and Cray 

 Jay and I inside the barn

After more pics, eating, and mingling, the REAL party started!!!


...and danced...



It was so much fun.  My kids loved dancing with Coby and Bradey, and all their crazy aunts and uncles!!

Coby and the sisters!

The MAV girls...

THE MAV boys...

 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture of Jay and Camden!  

After lots of dancing and having to convince our girls to get off the dance floor, we sent the bride and groom off on their honeymoon!  With sparklers lighting the way, they were off to start their new life together.  (Sadly I can't find any of the pictures I took of the sparklers or any of the decorations, that were SUPER CUTE,  so those will have to be added later.


Coby & Bradey, we are so proud of you and love you both very much.  Bradey, you are the answer to MANY prayers, and we couldn't have asked for a better fit for Coby or this CRAZY family.  We look forward to a lifetime of many more special memories and events.  WE LOVE YOU GUYS!


KirkKrew said...

Love the update and all the pictures! I wish we could have been there too!

Charis said...

Wow!! What a memorable wedding. Too bad so many things were unplanned, but thats awesome that they were able to handle it all so calmly and now maybe be able to look back and laugh about it all! Glad yall had such a great time too! You looked beautiful :)

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

i hope they got their money back!! good grief. everyone looks beautiful.