Monday, August 08, 2011

Graduation #1

Our baby girl graduated from Pre-K this year.  She has done VERY well in school, and continues to surprise us each day with her knowledge.  She loves to learn, know and understand things.  She asks me daily when she gets to go back to school.  She is going to be like me and LOVE school.  The only down fall, she wants to go to kindergarten with all her friends, but she doesn't get to.  She will be doing Pre-K again, because she is the baby of her class and doesn't turn five until the end of September (that means so misses the kindergarten cut-off date by 24 days).  We are all a little sad, but I know that the Lord has BIG plans for this little girl.  We told her she is staying in Pre-K because God and her teachers think she is a very BIG helper and they need her to help with the younger kids coming up.  It worked for a couple of days, before she didn't like that excuse anymore, but she is slowly dealing with the fact that she will be doing it all over again. So, here are pictures from Camden's Pre-K Graduation #1!!

Before the graduation ceremony, the  Pre-K classes  put on a short program. 
Camden had several speaking parts, which surprised me.  She did wonderful!

Camden quoting a bible verse!

Camden singing her little HEART out!


Entering in her graduation robe.  She looked a little
homeless (we were very rushed for time), but so big!

Receiving her diploma from her
teacher...again ignore her homeless


Now we are bored!

And now angry...!

Now watching the boys goof around!

And now goofing around with the boys!

And then having to have her hat put back on from all the
goofing around!

This little girl brings us so much joy!  She is so much fun, has such a special personality and I love watching her explore the world.  I look forward to watching her continue to work hard in school, and teachering her brother and sister many things.  I am so thankful that God blessed us almost five years ago with this sweet, baby girl.  Miss Camden Jaye, WE LOVE YOU!

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mamao-nonna said...

I LOVE this POST!! It's so hard to miss these precious events, so I appreciate that you have this BLOG to keep us in the LOOP!!
What a GREAT time!!
Love you ALL!