Friday, August 12, 2011

4th of July...

...I told you I was going to be jumping all over the place until I caught up, so just try to keep up.  I still have two and half weeks of vacation to blog about, Braelynn's 2nd b-day, mini road trips, and a couple of other little things.  But back to July 4th!
 One of our favorite things to do on July 4th is to go to the Ranger game.  There is nothing better then getting to watch a baseball game, followed by some GREAT fireworks!  Nonna drove in from Denver City to spend the weekend with us (Pops was on call, so he had to miss out this time).  Uncle Terry was also able to drive over from Waco to spend the day with us...we always enjoy spending time with him!  You can't have the 4th of July without delicious food!  We skipped the traditional BBQ and went with something a little different...!

 We started the day of with one of our new very favorite places!! 
It is delicious and so much fun!
 When you go in, you pick your crust, sauce and all your own toppings.  The sky is the limit.  Here is just a small selection of the toppings.
 Camden anxiously awaiting for her pizza to come out of the oven!!

 Jay showing off his yummy pizza.  He got the chicken carbonara. 

 Miss Camden with her master piece...cheese & black olives!

 Miss Braelynn scoping out everyone else's pizza, and trying to decide which she will attack first!

She settled for cheese and black olive also!

 I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of my pizza before I started eating, but obviously I enjoyed it!  I chose to create my own, using mostly Greek topping...pepperoni, kalamata olives, banana peppers, red onion, green olives, feta cheese and basil.  DELICIOUS!!

 Family pics before heading into the ballpark!

 Crayton & Uncle Terry.
Our seats were awesome.  We were about 8 rows up from the field, off to the left of the third base dugout.  The first 30 minutes were pretty hot, but once the sun set they were perfect!

 Crayton checking out some of the crazies behind us!

 Crayton being a little charmer!
 The head of security was manning our section that night.  He was letting people look and try on his American League Championship ring.  (Jay modeling it for you).  It was beautiful!!  Hopefully this year we will have a World Series Championship ring to go with it!
 Princess Bell

 the WAVE!
This was one of Camden's favorite parts!!

 And of course...
 Braelynn and Nonna getting ready for the fireworks to start. 
 Braelynn got a ball "thrown"/given to her in between innings from the security guard.  She held on to that thing for dear life!!
 Enjoying the fireworks.  This is the first year that the girls actually watched the fireworks.  The noise is usually more then they can take.  I was so excited that they sat and watched (most of the show)!

 Even Crayton enjoyed them for a little bit!
 Love this pic!  Towards the end, Camden was amazed how many there were at one time.  She was worried about Crayton, so she covered his ears through this part.  She is such a WONDERFUL big sister!!

all lit up from above!

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mamao-nonna said...

There is NOTHING like 4th of July at the Ballpark! We LOVE being able to do that!!
The Rangers are as patriotic as it gets! Fly over, HUGE USA Flag and fireworks are ALL AWESOME! Not to mention watching hundreds of young people sworn in to protect our GREAT Country around the baseball diamond... Great memories and Pictures!!