Sunday, June 17, 2012


On the last day of school, I snuck home before picking up the kids, and hung this sign on our door.  I thought it would be a SUPER fun way to kick off our summer break that we had eagerly been anticipating.  We have BIG PLANS for our summer break!

Camden walking up and noticing that something is hanging on the door.

 Daddy and Camden sounding out the words.  She read what it said!!

Unlocking the door and the kids waiting patiently impatiently!


Camden running through the sign

Braelynn and Crayton's turn running through the sign.  Crayton was excited that he got to tear something up without getting in trouble.


After "busting" into summer, Daddy decided that we needed to have a family meeting and make some summer rules.  He would say, "Rule number..." and the kids would repeat after him.  Here they are on the bed, counting the rules.

The kids were so cute.  After each rule, they would just crack up!


1. No one under 4'0 tall can sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed (this one was broken the first night :O)

2. If it ain't fun, we AIN'T doing it!

3.No one getting sick

4.If you drop food on the floor, pick it up and eat it!!

5. See rule #1

6. Daddy is the Greatest & the Boss


8.  No one going to sleep until the sun goes down

9.  Daddy gets to play golf whenever he wants

10.  Make this THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!!

This was the best start to summer I could have ever dreamed of.  We had so much fun in the first 30 minutes of our summer break.  I am so excited for all the fun this summer holds for us!


Randi mav said...

so cute! i love the fun rules yall made up so excited for our trip@

Bailee said...

loooveeee it!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute!!! love the fun rules..and how involved their daddy is...what a blessing to read your blogg!!

mamao-nonna said...

SUMMER was ALWAYS my favorite time of year with little ones!! Have a GREAT one! We Love You Guys!
Be Safe on ALL of your travels and Good Luck with that under 4' Rule!!

Courtney said...

What a fun family!!