Saturday, September 08, 2012

My Kindergartner!

Since my phone was stolen, I don't have first day of school pictures of my sweet Camden.  I could wring the neck of the person who took my phone for MANY reasons, but the biggest reason is all the pictures and videos that I lost.  It kills me that I will never have a picture of Camden's first day of kindergarten.  
On a happier note, the week before school started, Camden got to have her own personal photo shoot.  I am not sure who was more excited, me or her.   When the day finally arrived, I got her dressed in what I thought would be a super cute outfit, and one that fit the tips from our photographer.  Those of you who know Camden, knows that she HATES wearing anything other then skirts and dresses.  She cried, whined and complained the whole drive (over an hour...just ask Mamaw).  I thought the pictures would turn out to be a huge disaster, but as soon as we got to the bus barn, and Camden saw all the fun props, she turned on the big smiles.  I am so thankful for these sweet pictures!  Chelle Cates did a wonderful job!

Love this little Bulldog!  She had a wonderful two weeks of school.  She LOVES kindergarten, and is absolutely in love with her teacher.  The thing she is the most critical about is PE (go figure).  If I ever need to know if the students are enjoying what we are doing, I just need to ask her...she is BRUTLY honest.  :O)

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Admin said...

Precious pictures!!! She look beautiful!! Kinda cool we both have bulldogs, I'm sure though you would chose differently if you lived in A town! ;)