Wednesday, September 04, 2013

End of the Year Recap...

...WOW! Two post in the same week!! I'm guessing for a while my post will be pretty random.  I am not going to go all the way back and recap, but I do want to hit on some of the main highlights!

Camden had a FABULOUS year in Kindergarten last semester, with one of the most PRECIOUS teachers ever.  Camden had so much fun and learned so much.  Despite the fact that her class was NUTS... (I am allowed to say that...I had to teach them daily in PE), Camden loved every minute!  It was soooo much fun to have her in PE everyday, and to get to be a part of stuff that was going on at school.

Camden holding the 'K' during a poem at Kindergarten graduation.

Camden and her PRECIOUS teacher!  Receiving her diploma!

Camden and I survived our first year together in PE.  It was so much fun, and rewarding getting to coach her each day.  She was definitely my toughest critic about things going on in class! I loved having her in the gym with me, and seeing her big smile each morning!!

The first day & last day of's amazing how much they grow throughout a year!

On a different note...  I said goodbye to coaching. After 9 years of teaching and coaching high school track, I will just be teaching.  For the first time since before middle school, track will not be a part of my life.  I have been a part of track since starting track in 7th grade (as a runner from 7th-college & a coach).  After lots of prayers and LOTS of tears, I decided it was the best for our family if I was just a teacher and a mommy.  It was a super hard decision...I am sure when track season starts I will be lost...a BIG piece of my heart will be missing, but I will be thankful for the extra time I have with my sweet babies who seem to be growing up too fast!

(My Regional Qualifiers)

I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to end my coaching career...I love these girls.  They were so much fun and SUPER talented.

(A few of my special girls)

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