Saturday, September 07, 2013

HIPPIE CHICKS...I Am Officially A Soccer Mom!

Today, Camden played in her first ever soccer game.  It was so much fun, but I had no idea it could be so hard to watch 6 year old soccer...most of the girls had no idea what was going on (including my child...maybe especially my child).  I tried not to yell the whole time, telling her what to do, and to let her coach tell her...but SERIOUSLY...KICK THE BALL! :o)  I have no shame in saying that right now she doesn't have much natural soccer skill, and have even less shame in saying that what she DOES have going for her is her SPEED! She is so fast (the fastest on the team).  Now if we could just put speed and skill together!   By the end of the game, I think she was catching on, and she almost scored her first goal.

Back to the fun part...    It is such a cool feeling to watch your child play a sport.  I can't imagine how many proud Mommy moments I have ahead of me while watching my three littles play sports.  One of the best parts of the day, was that Popi and Gram drove over to watch her play.  I think Popi had a hard time just watching too! ;O)  Thankfully Gram took a few pics, because when we got there, I remembered my camera was dead (total Mom fail).

Her I am HOT look!! 
She was told at the beginning she was defense, so to stay in her spot...boy did she follow directions well.  We had to let her know it was okay to MOVE!

Throwing the ball in...(notice all the other players just looking at each other.)

Her ALMOST goal...
I might have been jumping up and down, smiling and hollering like a fool! :o)

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